Introduce order for property constraints and allow to stop validation for first failing property constraint


Atm it is very cumbersome to specify multiple constraint per property and stop validation (on a property level) for the first failing constraint. See also

Since the Java reflection API does not allow to reflect on the order of the specified constraints you would need to introduce an order property for the constraints or some additional annotation.




Ondra Žižka
July 20, 2017, 11:36 AM

Sent to our OpenJDK mailing list, Gunnar in CC.

Matthias Kurz
July 14, 2017, 2:32 PM

Thanks for the update Ondra and Gunnar!

Actually I think it shouldn't be really hard to get a specification out for this. I think they only would have to add a couple of tests to verify the order. So it should be just a matter of formalizing the currrent behavior.

Gunnar Morling
July 13, 2017, 10:17 AM

Interesting, back in January, when I asked about the order of annotations on core-libs-dev, it didn't sound like a likely change. Would be cool though if our JDK team could help with it.

Ondra Žižka
July 13, 2017, 4:00 AM

FYI, there's this Jira instance
but you can't register - you're given the account based on your OpenJDK role. I don't have any. So I need to bug that guy until he does it. Hold on.

Ondra Žižka
July 13, 2017, 3:54 AM

I delegated it to our OpenJDK developer, who is in direct contact with the others. But he seems to get stuck on something. Going to urge it, thanks for reminding me.




Hardy Ferentschik