Make BVAL friendly towards Java 9 modules


I don't really know what that'd entail. I suppose as a first step it'd be interesting to run the RI tests + TCK on a Jigsaw-enabled Java 9.




Gunnar Morling
June 15, 2017, 9:12 AM

For BV 2.0 we'll just add the "Automatic-Module-Name" header to the API JAR. In a future revision we can add complete module descriptors and other adjustments as needed. E.g. it could be useful to take advantage of the service loader based retrieval of resource bundles as enabled by Java 9.

Gunnar Morling
February 8, 2016, 11:34 AM

I could make a first validation work. Some findings:

  • Need to add a module-info.class to the BV JAR with exports and service dependency:

  • Need to add a module-info.class to the HV JAR with exports and service provider (will also need exports of HV API/SPI and service dependency for constraint contributors and other stuff we look up via service locator):

  • ResourceBundle.Control isn't supported in named modules?! Not sure what that means, needs further investigation

  • The export of the logging package isn't great; Need to look into ways for avoiding it, might need some changes on the JBL side, too




Gunnar Morling