AttributeConverter for Enum within JPQL query


After upgrade Hibernate ORM from 5.0.2 to 5.0.3 I can't make to work JPQL query which uses Enum value with AttributeConverter as part of WHERE clause.

Given this classes:

Before 5.0.3 (up to 5.0.2 inclusive) this JPQL query works (in 4.x it also worked fine):
SELECT dt.employee, -SUM(dt.sum) FROM dt WHERE dt.type = 1 GROUP BY dt.employee

After upgrading to 5.0.3 it don't work anymore and raises exception at application launch:

I think that before 5.0.3 AttributeConverters were not applied for this JPQL WHERE clause so literal "1" worked because in DB this is INTEGER field. So I tried to replace literal "1" to Enum in this query.

I tried this:
SELECT dt.employee, -SUM(dt.sum) FROM dt WHERE dt.type = TYPE1 GROUP BY dt.employee
In this case application starts fine but when this query executes it raises the exception:

(take no note of additional fields as my real DeskTransaction and Employee classes are little bigger)

The real problem here is desktransa0_.type=TYPE1. Of course this is not correct SQL.

Then I tried to wrote full qualified class name for enum:
SELECT dt.employee, -SUM(dt.sum) FROM dt WHERE dt.type = GROUP BY dt.employee

This causes exception:

Then I changed nested class divider from dot to "$" sign:
SELECT dt.employee, -SUM(dt.sum) FROM dt WHERE dt.type =$Type.TYPE1 GROUP BY dt.employee

And finally it works fine!

I find this last solution while wroting this report and now not sure if it is bug at all. Maybe wroting nested classes in class-loader format with "$" as divider is right solution?

But even if this is true then when this has been changed? I check all changes between 5.0.2 and 5.0.3 and found only HHH-9074. But it is for boolean and not enums.

Maybe it should be documented somewhere as many JPQL queries became broken after upgrading to 5.0.3. I think it is bug that type = 1 worked before (skipping AttributeConverters) but it worked quite a while...

And maybe it is possible to make type = TYPE1 (without FQCN) also works? If class of type is known at runtime then we can deduce enum class for TYPE1.


Ubuntu 12.04 x64 / Spring 4.2 / Hibernate 5.0.3


Steve Ebersole


Ruslan Stelmachenko

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