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  1. HHH-10416

Drop superfluous immutable-entity cache configuration


    • Type: Improvement
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    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 5.0.6
    • Fix Version/s: 5.0.7
    • Component/s: hibernate-infinispan
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      The entity and immutable-entity cache configurations are exactly the same. Rather than force users to define them, let's default the immutable-entity configuration to the entity configuration - the same way we do for the collection and natural id regions.

      We just need to change org.hibernate.cache.infinispan.InfinispanRegionFactory from:

      immutableEntityOverrides.setCacheName( DEF_IMMUTABLE_ENTITY_RESOURCE );


      immutableEntityOverrides.setCacheName( DEF_ENTITY_RESOURCE );

      So that the immutableEntity defaults to the "entity" cache settings.


      from irc conversation:

      <pferraro> smarlow: question - what is the point of the immutable-entity cache configuration?
      <pferraro> smarlow: the config looks to be the same as for the entity cache configuration
      <smarlow> yup, weird huh?
      <smarlow> the problem is that its sort of immutable
      <pferraro> smarlow: are immutable entities stored in a separate region?
      <smarlow> Hibernate application code is not allowed to update the entity but can remove it
      <pferraro> where remove = evict?
      <smarlow> pferraro: @Immutable entities are stored in a separate cache. I mean "remove" as in delete from the database
      <pferraro> smarlow: I see, but why do we need a separate cache configuration? why can't we reuse the entity cache configuration? like we do for the collection region?
      <pferraro> smarlow: it would still get its own cache - but it would be configured the same as for mutable entities
      <smarlow> that sounds good, is that a code change or config file?
      <smarlow> the Hibernate equivalent is at https://github.com/hibernate/hibernate-orm/blob/master/hibernate-infinispan/src/main/resources/org/hibernate/cache/infinispan/builder/infinispan-configs.xml#L30
      <pferraro> it would be logic to be handled via the infinispan region factory
      <pferraro> so - with the collection region - the InfinispanRegionFactory creates a cache based on a configuration called "entity", unless overridden
      <pferraro> I don't understand why we wouldn't do the same for immutable entities
      <pferraro> I'm thinking this should be changed here: https://github.com/hibernate/hibernate-orm/blob/master/hibernate-infinispan/src/main/java/org/hibernate/cache/infinispan/InfinispanRegionFactory.java#L520
      <pferraro> lines 527-529, dictate the cache configuration used for collections if there is no "collection" cache config defined
      <pferraro> So, line 525 should do the same for immutable entities
      <pferraro> meaning, it should read: immutableEntityOverrides.setCacheName( DEF_ENTITY_RESOURCE );
      <pferraro> that way, we don't need to define an superfluous "immutable-entity" cache configuration anywhere, since it is just a copy of the entity configuration




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