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  1. HHH-10795

StatefulPersistenceContext.entityEntryContext does not work properly for ManagedEntity associated with a different StatefulPersistenceContext


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      EntityEntryContext does not "know" which StatefulPersistenceContext owns it. This can cause problems when a ManagedEntity that is associated with a different StatefulPersistenceContext is passed to EntityEntryContext methods.

      When a ManagedEntity is passed as an argument to an EntityEntryContext method, the method always assumes that the ManagedEntity is associated with the EntityEntryContext if {{ManagedEntity.$$_hibernate_getEntityEntry() != null }}.

      If the ManagedEntity is associated with a different EntityEntryContext, then methods like #addEntityEntry and #removeEntityEntry will overwrite data in the ManagedEntity, causing inconsistencies in the other EntityEntryContext.

      In addition, Session.contains( managedEntity) will always return true:

      {{s = getFactory().openSession()
      loadedParent = s.get( Parent.class, loadedParent.getId() );
      managedParent = (ManagedEntity) loadedParent;
      // now open a new session (s2) and assert that the new session does not contain it
      Session s2 = getFactory().openSession();
      assertFalse( s2.contains( managedParent ) );}} <== FAILS

      EntityEntryContext should have a reference to its owning StatefulPersistenceContext. That way it can determine if ManagedEntity.$$_hibernate_getEntityEntry() is associated with the same StatefulPersistenceContext, so EntityEntryContext methods can deal with the ManagedEntity appropriately.


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