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  1. HHH-11289

Lazy-initializing a static Method and making accessible not thread-safe


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      An example is in AttributeConverterDescriptorImpl#toMember.

      There are some scenarios that could lead to an exception when executing this line in AttributeConverterDescriptorImpl#toMember when first accessed in a multi-threaded environment:

      memberMethod.invoke( xProperty )

      One scenario:
      1) thread-1 initializes the static field, memberMethod;
      2) thread-2 finds that memberMethod != null, and attempts to invoke the method before thread-1 makes the memberMethod accessible via memberMethod.setAccessible( true ), resulting in HibernateException being thrown.

      Another scenario:
      1) both thread-1 and thread-2 find memberMethod == null and enter block to initialize memberMethod;
      2) thread-1 initializes memberMethod and makes it accessible;
      3) thread-2 overwrites memberMethod with a different Method, because Class#getDeclaredMethod returns a copy of the requested Method;
      4) thread-1, attempts to invoke the method before thread-2 makes the overwritten memberMethod accessible, resulting in HibernateException being thrown.

      There are 2 ways to fix this.

      1) If lazy initialization is not needed, Initialize the static memberMethod in a static block, as in https://github.com/scottmarlow/hibernate-orm/tree/IllegalAccessException_hack.

      2) If lazy initialization is desirable, assign the Method to a temporary variable and make it accessible before assigning to the static memberMethod. For example:

      Method tempMemberMethod = javaXMemberClass.getDeclaredMethod( "getMember" ); tempMemberMethod.setAccessible( true );
      memberMethod = tempMemberMethod;

      Other places that need to be fixed are still to be determined.




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