Introduce a module to distribute some helpers useful to compile Hibernate ORM to GraalVM native images


We've discussed the possibility of publishing the specific metadata that Quarkus uses to compile applications using Hibernate ORM into native code by using GraalVM's native-image tool.

I'm skeptical that we can provide the comprehensive metadata, especially as many details will depend on the user domain and the user configuration; all such metadata is by nature dynamic, so can't be expressed by pure metadata.

However some of the reflective rules are static; to help other people exploring such options, we can start publishing the static metadata in a new experimental jar. I see no problem in sharing this, as long as it's understood that it's not comprehensive - and since it's not we can't test it much either.

Since that's still useful, why not.




Sanne Grinovero


Sanne Grinovero

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