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    • Affects versions: 3.5.0.Beta-1, 4.3.0.CR1, 5.1.0, 5.0.9
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    • Components: hibernate-envers
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      Hibernate: All Hibernate Versions including Envers as subproject
      Our Project: Hibernate 3.3.1, Spring 2.5.6, Spring DM 1.2.0, Swing, GWT, ....
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      Currently the tool library Envers can only be configured / mapped to java POJOs by annotations. We would appreciate if this mapping could be done by hbm xml files. Using this approach the POJO won't be bound to Envers annotations. They simply would be left as POJOs instead of transformed to JPA like Entity Beans.

      We use POJOs to directly serialize them to a client tier, e.g. a Swing or GWT client tier. If our POJOs have to rely on Envers annotations similar like JPA annotations we see only two options objects may leave the server tier. First by a copy to an annotation less value object, which is consuming performance and resources. Second by coping / using Envers / Hibernate libraries for reference purposes on the client tier.

      Both solutions are not very attractive compared to the very well working hbm xml approach Hibernate core ORM functionality provides us. It is our intention to reduce / eliminate in client server communication model transformations like coping objects or transforming them to other formats like XML, e.g. like web services does. The easiest way would be to just serialize the Java POJO objects. But never then less the client should only depend (logically) on the server API. It is not intended to rely on a specific server implementation.




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