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useScrollableResultSetToSkip not used


If I use org.hibernate.dialect.SQLServerDialect with SQLServer2008 in order to paginate correctly (see which was my previous errors, but this time I use a simple @Entity without any @Formula on it), I've got a "The requested operation is not supported on forward only result".

Here is the stack :

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 ResultSetProxyHandler(AbstractResultSetProxyHandler).continueInvocation(Object, Method, Object[]) line: 104 ResultSetProxyHandler(AbstractProxyHandler).invoke(Object, Method, Object[]) line: 81 $Proxy172.absolute(int) line: not available QueryLoader(Loader).advance(ResultSet, RowSelection) line: 1651 QueryLoader(Loader).getResultSet(PreparedStatement, boolean, boolean, RowSelection, SessionImplementor) line: 1982 QueryLoader(Loader).doQuery(SessionImplementor, QueryParameters, boolean, ResultTransformer) line: 829 QueryLoader(Loader).doQueryAndInitializeNonLazyCollections(SessionImplementor, QueryParameters, boolean, ResultTransformer) line: 289 QueryLoader(Loader).doList(SessionImplementor, QueryParameters, ResultTransformer) line: 2463 QueryLoader(Loader).doList(SessionImplementor, QueryParameters) line: 2449 QueryLoader(Loader).listIgnoreQueryCache(SessionImplementor, QueryParameters) line: 2279 QueryLoader(Loader).list(SessionImplementor, QueryParameters, Set, Type[]) line: 2274 QueryLoader.list(SessionImplementor, QueryParameters) line: 470 QueryTranslatorImpl.list(SessionImplementor, QueryParameters) line: 355 HQLQueryPlan.performList(QueryParameters, SessionImplementor) line: 196 SessionImpl.list(String, QueryParameters) line: 1115 QueryImpl.list() line: 101 QueryImpl<X>.getResultList() line: 252 JPAQuery(AbstractJPAQuery<Q>).getResultList(Query) line: 222 JPAQuery(AbstractJPAQuery<Q>).list(Expression<RT>) line: 274

It seems to be a problem in org.hibernate.loader.Loader because if I put a breakpoint in line 1739 :

1 2 3 4 5 st = session.getTransactionCoordinator().getJdbcCoordinator().getStatementPreparer().prepareQueryStatement( sql, callable, scrollMode );

Here are the values of the variables :

  • useLimit : true

  • hasFirstRow : true

  • useLimitOffset : false

  • canScroll : true

  • useScrollableResultSetToSkip : true

  • scrollMode : null // I think, here it must have been ScrollMode.SCROLL_SENSITIVE

Actually, if I replace the value of scrollMode from null to ScrollMode.SCROLL_SENSITIVE just before the excecution of line 1739, then the error doesn't occure.

So there must be a problem in private ScrollMode getScrollMode(boolean scroll, boolean hasFirstRow, boolean useLimitOffSet, QueryParameters queryParameters) (line 1685) which doesn't use that useScrollableResultSetToSkip variable...

Here it's a problem with SQLServerDialect, but it could be another dialect which would want useScrollableResultSetToSkip to be taken into account (that is to say hasFirstRow = true, useLimit = true, useLimitOffset = false (dialect.supportsLimitOffset = false), getFactory().getSettings().isScrollableResultSetsEnabled() = true), because later getResultSet() method (line 1982) calls advance() method if !dialect.supportsLimitOffset() || !useLimit( selection, dialect ) which will finally call ResultSet.absolute which will throw that exception because the ResultSet wasn't prepared with ScrollMode SENSITIVE.


JBoss 7.1.1.Final, SQLServer 2008 R2





Anthony Ogier

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