Allow the definition of domain specific annotations for ValueBridges


As part of HSEARCH-175, we added support for domain specific annotations for TypeBridge and PropertyBridge, but not for ValueBridge yet.
I can't think of a reason why users shouldn't be able to do that, so let's try to add support for it?

Note: we will still need to allow value bridges to be used directly with the standard @Field annotation.

The main challenge is that, when applying a value bridge, we need to pass information to Hibernate Search to tell it how to apply the bridge: the reference to the bridge, but also the field name, the container extractor, ... User-defined annotations would have to take this into account.

One solution would be to stick to what we've already done, add an initialize(A annotation) method to ValueBinder as well as a few methods to get the field name and container extractor path from the binder.

Another, perhaps better, and definitely more powerful solution would be to create a separate, dedicated mechanism for annotation processing.
We could just introduce a MappingAnnotationProcessor interface that is responsible for reading an annotation and translating it into a programmatic mapping, e.g.:

Pros of that second solution:

  • Very powerful. Could be used for much more than just value bridges.

  • Could be used to implement most (all?) mapping annotations.

  • Could be used to implement support for Search 5 annotations: we'd just need to annotate these with @MappingAnnotation and provide the appropriate processor.


  • More complex than stuffing everything into the binder, since users now need to implement four types: the bridge, the binder, the annotation, and the annotation processor.

  • Would make the current annotation mechanism for TypeBinder/PropertyBinder obsolete, so we should probably deprecate and ultimately remove it. This will require a breaking change, since both types have a generic type parameter for the annotation type.




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