Provide a "compatibility layer" module to help users migrate from Search 5 to Search 6


This module should provide in particular:

  • The most commonly used annotations from Search 5, as well as integration code to detect and apply these annotations to the ORM mapping. In particular:

    • @Indexed

    • @Field

    • @IndexedEmbedded

    • Search 5 analyzer behavior, especially the parts that won't be implemented in Search 6: => Cancelled. People will have to define analyzers with Search 6 APIs before they can use the migration helper.

      • @AnalyzerDef annotations?

      • Support for "default" analyzers: globally (configuration property), per entity (@Analyzer on a type, inherited), per property (@Analyzer on a getter or class field). These defaults should not apply to fields defined using Search 6 APIs.

  • An implementation of the main runtime APIs:

    • The Search class to retrieve the FullTextEM/FullTextSession

    • The most commonly used methods of FullTextEM/FullTextSession (createFullTextQuery() and index() in particular)

    • The QueryBuilder

    • The most commonly used methods of FullTextQuery

  • Maybe also some optional APIs:

    • Coordinates

    • @Spatial

Parts of the APIs may be dropped if they are not very often used and/or close to impossible to support in Search 6.

The compatibility layer is only expected to work when mapping ORM entities to Lucene indexes. Elasticsearch integration and JMS/JGroups backends, in particular, are out of scope.

We might have to rename or relocate some Search 6 classes to avoid conflicts with the classes in the compatibility layer.

Note that, in order to implement the QueryBuilder in the compatibility layer, we have two solutions:

  • Just copy/pasting the old DSL code from Search 5 and re-implement everything it needs on top of Search 6. In particular, implement the old metamodel. Might be time-consuming.

  • OR Reimplement the old DSL by redirecting calls the new DSL. Might change behavior slightly.

We might want to create subtasks to implement this bits by bits.




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