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  1. HSEARCH-3488

Add support for nanosecond precision for temporal fields



      In HSEARCH-3047 Closed , we added support for many temporal types, but we opted to stick to millisecond resolution for index and doc values, to match what Elasticearch 6 can offer. Nanosecond precision is only supported for projections.

      We should allow users to switch to nanoseconds precision on an opt-in basis.

      One way to do that would be to offer an `@TemporalField` annotation in the mapping, so that users can simply write @TemporalField(resolution = Resolution.NANOSECOND.

      We would have to add support for that resolution in the backends.

      In Elasticsearch, we cannot do that before ES7, which introduces the date_nanos datatype: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/master/date_nanos.html . Let's just throw exceptions for older versions of ES.

      In Lucene, that would probably mean storing the data as a string, like we used to do in Search 5. But maybe ES7 has a better solution, so let's have a look.

      Important: be sure to use Resolution.DEFAULT as the default, not Resolution.MILLISECOND, so that we can one day provide an option to set the default resolution in the backend options.


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