Support a "degraded mode" where failure to contact Elasticsearch or index documents does not affect the whole application


In some applications, indexing and searching are important, but not nearly as much as the rest of the application. If Elasticsearch is down, these applications would rather continue operating as usual and just log the errors.

This means in particular that:

  1. Bootstrap must continue even if the Elasticsearch cluster cannot be reached. It should be possible if the Elasticsearch version was provided as part of the configuration.

  2. Exceptions thrown during indexing should not be propagated to the application, but should rather be logged.

We'll probably need some sort of global configuration that affects both the ORM mapper (for item #1) and the Elasticsearch backend (for item #2).




Yoann Rodière
February 27, 2020, 5:50 PM

Thanks for the heads-up; this is actually completely fixed because you can use the "async" automatic indexing synchronization strategy in order to index in the background, which will in particular log the indexing failures instead of throwing exceptions. And if that's not what you want, you can also define a custom strategy.

I'll mark this as fixed.

February 27, 2020, 5:27 PM

I associated this ticket to the 3841 because it partially solve the first case.



Yoann Rodière


Yoann Rodière