Multi-EntityManagerFactory programmatic mapping cause HSEARCH700027


In some reason, I build two DataSource(memory and disk) and corresponding two LocalContainerEntityManagerFactoryBean, then I do something for alloting my Entities to them, every EMF have different entities. When I use @Indexed, application work correct; then I try using programmatic mapping, implements HibernateOrmSearchMappingConfigurer, it's cause

I found that because every EFM should call HibernateOrmSearchMappingConfigurer#configure once, so the Entity who at EFM disk can not found at EFM memory,
I hacked it:

I think my code is uglily, can supply some method to filter it?


SunJDK1.8.0_191 SpringBoot2.2.12.RELEASE Win10 HSQLDB2.5.1


Yoann Rodière
January 28, 2021, 11:57 PM

I’ve been trying to be cautious about exposing the internals, especially when, like here, it’s about exposing information that you already have: after all, you decide what the entities are.

Exposing the SessionFactory through the context may not be safe either, since at this point the session factory is not fully built.

Maybe we could solve that simply by using a different configurer in each session factory?

Depending on how you instantiate the entity manager factory, you may be able to set the property to an instance of HibernateOrmSearchMappingConfigurer that you created yourself, by calling the constructor directly, instead of the fully-qualified class name of your configurer. This would allow you to pass only the relevant type mappings to its constructor, instead of autowiring a global list of type mappings that may (or may not) be relevant. Can you try this?

lan zen
January 29, 2021, 12:19 AM

Thanks your reply, I just try set to specific EFM and comment this property from

It’s work!


Thank you again!

Yoann Rodière
January 29, 2021, 12:27 AM

No problem! Feel free to drop by on our forums if you have other issues.

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