Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 4.3.9 - HTML format


  • [HHH-8494] - Misleading log info during batch execution
  • [HHH-8769] - NPE when using dynamic model mapping
  • [HHH-8788] - Unnecessary warning logged about follow-on locking with Criteria query and LockMode NONE
  • [HHH-8866] - HQL Query with enum and @Convert
  • [HHH-8879] - Regression: Embeddable with associations as @MapKey
  • [HHH-8911] - ClassCastException between CompositeCustomType and ComponentType
  • [HHH-8994] - QueryException during startup with composite key in ElementCollection map
  • [HHH-9091] - Collection deleted due to orphan removal fails with constraint violation
  • [HHH-9247] - JPA 2.1 Named Entity Graph cannot be configured in ORM XML
  • [HHH-9320] - AttributeConverter result ignored on extraction when ResultSet.wasNull
  • [HHH-9333] - TypeMismatchException when using composite-id and natural-id mappings
  • [HHH-9392] - SQLGrammarException while executing a entity graph with subgraphs
  • [HHH-9446] - ClassCastException on loaded entities under GlassFish 4.0
  • [HHH-9448] - Association is not fetched when EntityGraph has explicit fetch and query has implicit join
  • [HHH-9451] - Extra state is not propagated from temporary entity entries
  • [HHH-9457] - EntityGraph with order by using Oracle10gDialect
  • [HHH-9468] - Add documentation about enabling NamingStrategyDelegator implementations
  • [HHH-9523] - EnumeratedTypeTest - select from dual causes test failures on mssql, postgresql, db2 and sybase
  • [HHH-9528] - InputStream leak from opening resources
  • [HHH-9549] - Selecting treated root generates invalid HQL
  • [HHH-9568] - EntityManager.flush() does not behave properly with transient one-to-one association and no cascade
  • [HHH-9597] - Criteria creates invalid Column aliases.
  • [HHH-9599] - AnnotationException occurs when applying @Nationalized and @Convert annotations to the same field
  • [HHH-9605] - Query on an enum collection fails
  • [HHH-9633] - Add tests that explicitly test the "main" NamingStrategy impls
  • [HHH-9639] - Unwrap in HikariCPConnectionProvider fails to unwrap DataSource
  • [HHH-9642] - Embedded OneToMany association fetch join does not work in CriteriaQuery


  • [HHH-9573] - Add EntityManager test case illustrating usage of query cache
  • [HHH-9678] - Change built-in SqlTypeDescriptor impls to not auto-register themselves with SqlTypeDescriptorRegistry


  • [HHH-8697] - AttributeConverter not called when value is null
  • [HHH-9043] - Allow customization of the modified field flag
  • [HHH-9497] - Remove call to Ehcache ClassLoaderUtil.getStandardClassLoader() as it has been removed in Ehcache 2.8.3+
  • [HHH-9600] - remove outdated info about cache concurrency strategies support
  • [HHH-9601] - table schema not paired with @OrderColumn name value in example 7.8
  • [HHH-9621] - Add HQL query to warning about positional parameter usage
  • [HHH-9648] - Upgrade to HikariCP v. 2.3.3 (Java 6 compatible edition)


  • [HHH-9495] - @Convert support for collections


  • [HHH-9645] - buildSessionFactory() should return a sessionFactory

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