Release Notes - Hibernate Validator - Version 5.2.0.CR1 - HTML format


  • [HV-726] - Retrieve constraint target from composing constraints for purely composed constraints
  • [HV-847] - Custom constraint causes "target cannot be inferred" exception when used for return value
  • [HV-897] - Create a TimeProvider contract to get the current data time
  • [HV-975] - NullPointerException in ValueContext.appendNode
  • [HV-976] - Optional and Type Annotations
  • [HV-977] - OptionalValueUnwrapper needs to handle null values passed to handleValidatedValue
  • [HV-978] - Generic method is not validated
  • [HV-979] - CPF Validation still fails (partly)
  • [HV-982] - SNAPSHOT deploy fails with compiler error
  • [HV-993] - OSGi metadata is missing optional import for com.thoughtworks.paranamer
  • [HV-997] - Upgrade asciidoctor plugin


  • [HV-892] - Update javadoc css templates to match the JDK doclet output
  • [HV-899] - Errors during javadoc creations
  • [HV-981] - Remove @Future and @Past validators validation partial dates


  • [HV-846] - Make hibernate-validator-cdi OSGI compliant
  • [HV-941] - Documentation review and improvements (chapter 1,2,11)
  • [HV-974] - Deploy the test util artifact
  • [HV-980] - Store violated element of a java.util.Set in Path
  • [HV-985] - Update to Classmate 1.1.0 or latest
  • [HV-989] - ConcurrentReferenceHashMap is inadvertently licensed as LGPL

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