Release Notes - Hibernate OGM - Version 4.1.2.Final - HTML format


  • [OGM-488] - Remove "(does not trigger access to the datastore)" from log messages in the GridDialectLogger class
  • [OGM-674] - [MongoDB] Remove containing document when setting the last value of an embeddable to null
  • [OGM-729] - [Neo4j] MissingFormatArgumentException raised when using log level DEBUG
  • [OGM-733] - [MongoDB] Database name validation fails if lacking rights to obtain database names
  • [OGM-735] - [CouchDB] Using @Column byte[] field causes java.lang.IllegalArgumentException when reading the object
  • [OGM-737] - [Neo4J] Using embedded object in JPQL and binding a named parameter causes an exception


  • [OGM-355] - Describe required PermGen sizing for running the Maven build in contribution section of the ref guide


  • [OGM-722] - [Neo4j] Add a summary of the labels created by the dialect in the docs
  • [OGM-727] - [MongoDB] Fix documentation about built-in types
  • [OGM-736] - [Neo4J] Clarify in the documentation that executing query in Neo4J requires active transaction
  • [OGM-739] - Don't raise a warning when given datastore provider by FQN

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