Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 4.2.0.Final - HTML format


  • [HHH-5732] - @OrderColumn not updated if @OneToMany has mappedby defined
  • [HHH-7890] - Quoting identifiers breaks @UniqueConstraint
  • [HHH-7910] - Transaction timeout can cause non-threadsafe session access by reaper thread
  • [HHH-8022] - Return REFCURSOR on native named query: regression on 4.2.0 CR1
  • [HHH-8036] - Envers projection max causes mysql syntax error
  • [HHH-8037] - Empty SQL statements with custom UniqueDelegate
  • [HHH-8053] - HibernateBundleActivator should not register itself as a PersistenceProvider
  • [HHH-8061] - tests failing on master-matrix CI
  • [HHH-8067] - Hibernate's ManagedType#getDeclaredAttribute fails to find plural attributes
  • [HHH-8072] - envers @ElementCollection Map support failing -- nullable KEY
  • [HHH-8073] - Column#getAlias logic incorrectly uses Dialect#getMaxAliasLength


  • [HHH-7978] - Document new feature from HHH-5869


  • [HHH-4412] - bulk update with native sql queries
  • [HHH-8076] - and javax.validation should be optional in OSGi manifest

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