Release notes

Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 4.2.2 - HTML format


  • [HHH-7944] - Envers OSGi support
  • [HHH-7995] - Auto-discovery of Hibernate extension points in OSGi


  • [HHH-2664] - full join not working
  • [HHH-6813] - @Id @OneToOne cause NullPointerException during query
  • [HHH-8083] - @OrderColumn not updated on @OneToMany cascade
  • [HHH-8225] - EMF cannot be created, closed, then re-created in OSGi
  • [HHH-8236] - Update to hibernate-commons-annotations 4.0.2.Final
  • [HHH-8250] - DefaultInitializeCollectionEventListener not finding collections in cache
  • [HHH-8254] - throw HibernateException when transaction is rolledback by a reaper thread


  • [HHH-8217] - Make generated constraint names short and non-random
  • [HHH-8226] - table synonyms cannot find columns on Oracle
  • [HHH-8238] - OsgiJtaPlatform null pointer exception

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