Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 4.2.3 - HTML format


  • [HHH-8112] - Document OSGi capabilities


  • [HHH-8106] - Broken org.hibernate.tool.enhance.EnhancementTask
  • [HHH-8210] - JdbcCoordinatorImpl logs excessive HHH000387 warnings when used with some connection pools
  • [HHH-8255] - Clean up compile and optional dependencies from OSGi manifests
  • [HHH-8269] - DenormalizedTable FK constraint names can be too long
  • [HHH-8273] - Incorrect "unique-key" naming comment in docs
  • [HHH-8275] - union-subclass generates bad alter table for unique constraint
  • [HHH-8283] - JdbcSQLException with CompositeCustomType and java.util.Date
  • [HHH-8301] - SQLServer2005LimitHandler skips column alias generation
  • [HHH-8312] - named parameters binding are not correct when used within subquery
  • [HHH-8318] - "delete" with "member of" query fails
  • [HHH-8335] - Hibernate OSGi not included in build's /lib

New Feature


  • [HHH-8265] - Investigate proxy package imports in OSGi client bundles
  • [HHH-8336] - Upgrade c3p0 dependency


  • [HHH-8117] - Add package export versions in OSGi manifests
  • [HHH-8319] - ConstraintViolationException not showing constraint name for MySQL

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