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Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 4.2.6 - HTML format


  • [HHH-1835] - mysql dialect doesn't contain standard deviation/std() function
  • [HHH-8153] - Criteria on Enum mapping defined in hbm.xml fails.
  • [HHH-8297] - Typo in error message: "contains phyical column name"
  • [HHH-8363] - ClassLoaderServiceImpl should be defined as Stoppable
  • [HHH-8432] - Wrong bindings of named parameters in IN clause
  • [HHH-8464] - Using JPA2 specific quoting character (double quote) for JoinColumn results in DuplicateMappingException.
  • [HHH-8465] - EnversListenerDuplicationStrategy areMatch method using listener.getClass().equals( original ) instead of listener.getClass().equals( original.getClass() )
  • [HHH-8468] - @JoinColumn(table = "...") doesn't use NamingStrategy
  • [HHH-8472] - @Lob annotation applies to both key and value of Map
  • [HHH-8496] - TableCatalog and TableSchema arguments mistaken in DB update-script.
  • [HHH-8500] - Interbase does not have a boolean type
  • [HHH-8502] - EnversIntegrator#disintegrate needs to check config for null
  • [HHH-8516] - EnumeratedTypeTest.testTrimmedEnum fails on oracle databases
  • [HHH-8517] - ResultSet#getDate includes time in oracle12c JDBC
  • [HHH-8522] - CompositeIdTypeBindingTest.testCompositeTypeBinding fails on sybase157
  • [HHH-8553] - hibernate-osgi needs to support alternative locations for hibernate.cfg.xml


  • [HHH-8476] - Bulk delete doesn't cascade delete on join table
  • [HHH-8491] - improve LocaleTypeDescriptor#fromString
  • [HHH-8503] - invoke determineDialect instead of constructDialect when hibernate.dialect is blank
  • [HHH-8504] - resolve proper dialect for mysql5 when determine by connection metadata

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