Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 4.2.7 - HTML format

Technical task

  • [HHH-8354] - New dirty-checking options based on bytecode enhancement


  • [HHH-3812] - Documentation says bags are Lists in Java, but are not
  • [HHH-4118] - Hibernate ignores invalid values for
  • [HHH-5744] - Return value check missing for method
  • [HHH-5818] - Malformed exception message
  • [HHH-6255] - SchemaExport quote foreignkey names not correct
  • [HHH-6484] - Replacing an entity on a one-to-one delete-orphan association with a new instance does not delete the previous one
  • [HHH-6576] - NPE in HibernateUtil in case there is no default configuration
  • [HHH-6859] - Typo in AbstractEntityManagerImpl.determineCacheStoreMode(Map)
  • [HHH-7513] - PropertyAccessException while reattachement: could not get a field value by reflection getter
  • [HHH-7984] - Prepared statement for callable returning cursor not closed
  • [HHH-8032] - Create OptimisticLockException with message of the wrapped StaleObjectStateException
  • [HHH-8328] - Typo in Query.list Javadoc
  • [HHH-8537] - @UniqueConstraint naming non-existent column leads to NPE
  • [HHH-8551] - Cannot use with-clause on the RHS of a join
  • [HHH-8567] -'id') does not reference original id, it references generated composite id of AUD instead
  • [HHH-8573] - PropertyAccessException when instance of a subclass gets to cache via lazy not cascading association
  • [HHH-8578] - Bulk delete cascading into many-to-many join table not properly handling where clause
  • [HHH-8579] - toLowerCase() in Turkish locale converts to non-ascii lowercase character
  • [HHH-8580] - NPE while deleting items from collection
  • [HHH-8605] - ManyToManyTest.testManyToManyWithFormula fails on mssql2008R2, mssql2012, sybase157
  • [HHH-8612] - FumTest hangs on oracle12c
  • [HHH-8633] - OsgiJtaPlatform does not register synchronization


  • [HHH-8463] - Upgrade to Javassist 3.18.1-GA


  • [HHH-7130] - Evicting query regions is not logged

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