Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 4.2.9 - HTML format


  • [HHH-2188] - Query metadata gives NPE for polymorphic queries
  • [HHH-2988] - UnionSubclassEntityPersister.generateSubquery() does not use column.getQuotedName()
  • [HHH-3051] - NPE while query.list on a Native SQL, using L2 cache
  • [HHH-3453] - mess in a list of supported dialects (OracleDialect, H2Dialect, etc.)
  • [HHH-3482] - UnsupportedOperationException with StatelessSession
  • [HHH-3541] - wrong xml tags in documentation examples
  • [HHH-3604] - Creation of table for HiLoGenerator fails to create table of the correct to for MySQL InnoDB
  • [HHH-7205] - org.hibernate.ObjectNotFoundException while using Get
  • [HHH-7630] - JOINED classes cause exception when referenced as a Collection and using @OrderBy
  • [HHH-8404] - ListIndexExpression seems to be rendered incorrectly
  • [HHH-8638] - Unable to create unique key constraint on foreign key annotated with @UniqueConstraint
  • [HHH-8655] - Classloader conflicts with embedded OSGi frameworks
  • [HHH-8699] - Criteria API multiselect not working with Predicates
  • [HHH-8747] - evictQueryRegions does not evict default query region
  • [HHH-8765] - Column not found in Turkish locale because of toLowerCase()
  • [HHH-8777] - enhance-maven-plugin error : No plugin descriptor found at META-INF/maven/plugin.xml
  • [HHH-8779] - Bundle symbolic name error - duplicate name
  • [HHH-8790] - The "ESCAPE" key word is not recognized by a Hibernate filter.
  • [HHH-8814] - Sequence generators on HSQLDB starts by default on 0
  • [HHH-8822] - org.hibernate.internal.util.ValueHolder
  • [HHH-8850] - UnsupportedOperationException when using addScalar on querys created via NamedSQLQueryDefinition
  • [HHH-8863] - org.hibernate.engine.internal.StatisticalLoggingSessionEventListener not displaying properly time for partial flushes
  • [HHH-8864] - PostgreSQL & H2 dialect incorrect for count distinct tuples
  • [HHH-8900] - annotations OneToOne test fail with some sequence supporting dialects
  • [HHH-8922] - ClassLoaderServiceImpl introduces random classpath ordering via HashSet
  • [HHH-8930] - BaseCoreFunctionalTestCase#rebuildSessionFactory() not releasing sessions
  • [HHH-8942] - correct logging hotspots
  • [HHH-8983] - SQLWarning objects attached to Sybase statements contribute to significant growth in memory footprint
  • [HHH-8989] - Logic Mismatch Between AbstractQueryImpl and LimitHelper For setMaxResults(0)


  • [HHH-8990] - Improve backwards compatibility of 4.2 branch by reintroducing the deleted NonFlushedChanges interface


  • [HHH-2298] - Hibernate only uses info level on logger message to disencourage Hibernate Pool Manager. This should be a warning.
  • [HHH-5289] - Remove unnecessary security checks in property accessors
  • [HHH-6911] - Read/write DiscriminatorValue from/to DiscriminatorColumn when combined with InheritanceType#JOINED
  • [HHH-8831] - Give a better message about where a problem with a mapping could be
  • [HHH-8845] - More informative error message for EntityType.replace
  • [HHH-8878] - Improve scalability of TableGenerator: PooledLoOptimizer
  • [HHH-8939] - Reduce contention on initialization of ColumnNameCache instances by loaders
  • [HHH-8946] - Optimize JdbcCoordinatorImpl for CPU performance
  • [HHH-8947] - Optimize performance of ServiceRegistry for intense lookup, small contents and almost no writes
  • [HHH-8950] - Avoid array allocation in #getColumnSpan(Mapping)
  • [HHH-8954] - Avoid LockOptions allocation in LoadEvent unless strictly required
  • [HHH-8961] - Reduce allocation cost of org.hibernate.cache.spi.CacheKey instances
  • [HHH-8977] - Smarter allocation prediction for HQLQueryPlan.performList
  • [HHH-8984] - Remove unnecessary fields from EntityEntry
  • [HHH-8991] - Avoid frequent lookup of EntityPersister
  • [HHH-9001] - Unnecessary Stack object being allocated in org.hibernate.engine.internal.Cascade
  • [HHH-9003] - Avoid allocating arrays in most methods of ComponentType


  • [HHH-4638] - Allow hibernate connect to Firebird database without set "hibernate.dialect" property


  • [HHH-8674] - Hibernate 4.1 documentation uses method buildSessionFactory() on Configuration object despite its deprecation.

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