Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 4.2.11 - HTML format


  • [HHH-7072] - ElementCollection not updated correctly if the Embeddable component has a nullable property
  • [HHH-8374] - Removing and persisting an entity still fails for proxies
  • [HHH-8739] - Tracking of JTA Synch registration thread
  • [HHH-8815] - Example code for session scoped interceptor is incorrect (out of date)
  • [HHH-9017] - HHH-8814 breaks pooled sequences
  • [HHH-9028] - ClassCastException with second level cache and entityManager.find(clazz, id)
  • [HHH-9034] - org.hibernate.test.hql.ASTParserLoadingTest fails with postgresplus92
  • [HHH-9039] - Correct minor typos in docs and /etc
  • [HHH-9052] - Unsupported SQL generated when constructors are used with predicates as arguments
  • [HHH-9054] - org.hibernate.test.annotations.quote.QuoteTest violates unique key constraint on some DBs
  • [HHH-9056] - OneToOneTest.testPkOneToOneSelectStatementDoesNotGenerateExtraJoin fails on oracle and postresql databases
  • [HHH-9057] - Correct ObjectNameNormalizer for mssql-style quoting

New Feature

  • [HHH-8440] - Support sequences with a new SQLServer2012Dialect


  • [HHH-9037] - Improve the ClassCastException message in JavassistLazyInitializer
  • [HHH-9040] - Check "haltOnError" in SchemaExport#importScript

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