Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 4.2.12 - HTML format


  • [HHH-4700] - ClassCastException with parameter as CASE results
  • [HHH-6747] - ClassCastException when rendering SimpleCaseExpression
  • [HHH-7971] - Enabling ENABLE_LAZY_LOAD_NO_TRANS results in trying to remove elements in collections
  • [HHH-9071] - Proxy narrowing loses the initialized state of the original proxy
  • [HHH-9078] - OrderColumn doesn't actually work, index is always 0 across transactions
  • [HHH-9092] - org.hibernate.ejb.criteria.QueryBuilderTest.testMultiselectWithPredicates failing on most databases
  • [HHH-9103] - Dialect resolver should use a newer Oracle dialect for Oracle 12
  • [HHH-9104] - BasicHibernateAnnotationsTest.testFilterOnCollection fails on jdk8
  • [HHH-9107] - Loading from 2LC broken by HHH-9028


  • [HHH-8923] - Reconsider closing of ServiceRegistry instances
  • [HHH-9100] - Improve CAST function support

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