Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 4.2.13 - HTML format


  • [HHH-8908] - Envers: Column of Embedded missing in Audit Table
  • [HHH-9093] - Typo in error message when no implicit selection is found in CriteriaQuery
  • [HHH-9136] - DatabaseMetadata: NPE hides exception in finally block
  • [HHH-9138] - CastFunctionTest failing on most databases
  • [HHH-9150] - Envers test table is too long causing Oracle failure
  • [HHH-9154] - keywords as parameter names
  • [HHH-9169] - SQLServer2012Dialect creates sequences starting from Long.MIN_VALUE
  • [HHH-9170] - StatelessSession is accidentally 2LC enabled in some cases
  • [HHH-9174] - Increase performance of SqlExceptionHelper#handleAndClearWarnings
  • [HHH-9194] - Revert HHH-8908 fix
  • [HHH-9200] - Natural id cache statistics are not cleared
  • [HHH-9202] - NPE in OneToOneLinkTest on oracle12c
  • [HHH-9204] - Restore AbstractCollectionPersister.doProcessQueuedOps(PersistentCollection, Serializable, SessionImplementor) removed by HHH-9078


  • [HHH-8904] - Write documentation for build time bytecode enhancements.


  • [HHH-9222] - Bulk delete and element collections


  • [HHH-9205] - Deprecate AbstractCollectionPersister.doProcessQueuedOps(PersistentCollection, Serializable, int, SessionImplementor)

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