Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 4.3.7 - HTML format


  • [HHH-9387] - Default table name for @ElementCollection uses owning entity class name
  • [HHH-9389] - Default join column name (FK) for @ElementCollection uses owning entity class name
  • [HHH-9390] - Default join column name (FK) for @ManyToMany uses owning entity primary table name


  • [HHH-3868] - Merging transient entity with a component property with parent mapping causes NullPointerException
  • [HHH-8839] - Eager Map with entity key causes IllegalStateException: Collection element (many-to-many) table alias cannot be empty
  • [HHH-8895] - Filter for MappedSuperClass stopped to work from 4.1.6.Final
  • [HHH-8949] - @QueryHint( name="javax.persistence.cache.retrieveMode", value="<valid value>") does not work
  • [HHH-9090] - HQL: parser is trying to reuse parent implied join for subquery
  • [HHH-9142] - Cannot join multiple EntityMode.MAP entities
  • [HHH-9251] - ORM JavaDoc is not generated correctly
  • [HHH-9290] - On Oracle, not all temporary tables have HT_ prefix
  • [HHH-9305] - HQL FromElement is not reused in some cases resulting in an additional join
  • [HHH-9312] - Database connection leak with JTA transaction tracking and background thread not releasing database connection
  • [HHH-9327] - NamingStrategy regression (reverts HHH-9280)
  • [HHH-9369] - @Formula of enum type results in ClassCastException
  • [HHH-9455] - Hibernate triggers unnecessary select count query that imposes negative effect on performance.
  • [HHH-9461] - Cannot enable NamingStrategyDelegator implementations using entity manager


  • [HHH-9294] - Reduce throw of NumberFormatException in BaseQueryImpl
  • [HHH-9344] - Favor System.nanoTime rather than System.currentTimeMillis for time interval measurements
  • [HHH-9388] - Create more flexible way to generate table and column names


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