Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 5.0.5 - HTML format


  • [HHH-9191] - Inheritance.JOINED + @DiscriminatorColumn : ERROR on quering
  • [HHH-9302] - SQLGrammarException with @DiscriminatorColumn in an inheritance hierarchy
  • [HHH-9343] - Case/when in criteria with string literal result fails type checking
  • [HHH-10157] - Postgis geometry type for JTS geometrys not usable
  • [HHH-10185] - In nonstrict-read-write mode the remove may be not applied
  • [HHH-10291] - Partially generated composite attribute is not retrieved after insert
  • [HHH-10296] - Fix more DB reserved words used by tests
  • [HHH-10304] - ImplicitCompositeKeyJoinTest#testImplicitCompositeJoin fails due to dialect-specific differences in generated SQL string
  • [HHH-10309] - HHH-10242 is too aggressive in cases of FIELD access
  • [HHH-10311] - Primary key length used in unit test is too long for DB2
  • [HHH-10312] - Unit test failures due to DB problems interpreting proper type for null value when bound to a query
  • [HHH-10320] - Unit test failures due to feature tested that is not supported by database
  • [HHH-10321] - HHH-9866 is alive; Wrong join table column names generation with globally_quoted_identifiers
  • [HHH-10322] - Test failures due to function name differences by dialect
  • [HHH-10323] - Unit test failure on Oracle because constructor cannot be found
  • [HHH-10325] - Test failure on MySQL and MariaDB because they do not allow casting as float type
  • [HHH-10327] - Unit test failures due to date/time precision mismatches
  • [HHH-10328] - Unit test failure due to database identifier too long


  • [HHH-10335] - Upgrade to Hibernate Commons Annotations 5.0.1.Final
  • [HHH-10336] - Upgrade to Jandex 2.0.0.Final


  • [HHH-10301] - HQLQueryPlan allocates a new ArrayList every time even if it is not required
  • [HHH-10302] - Lots of allocations of LoadEvent and PostLoadEvent
  • [HHH-10306] - Use module initializer to add Hibernate 2LC externalizers
  • [HHH-10308] - Don't make deep copy of property with AttributeConverter if Java type is known to be immutable
  • [HHH-10313] - Make SessionImplementor extend WrapperOptions
  • [HHH-10314] - In some cases BatchFetchQueue is created just to try and remove a key
  • [HHH-10338] - Use an explicit empty object array to prevent the varargs method allocating one

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