Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 5.0.6 - HTML format


  • [HHH-1122] - hbm2ddl.SchemaUpdate has no delimiter (SchemaExport works fine)
  • [HHH-9029] - Missing parentheses around composite fields
  • [HHH-9764] - StaleObjectStateExceptions raising outside flush context.
  • [HHH-10158] - SchemaUpdate does not properly support formatter and delimiter anymore
  • [HHH-10200] - Too long identifiers causing Envers test failures on Oracle databases
  • [HHH-10223] - Element 'query-param' in *.hbm.xml files causes ClassCastException
  • [HHH-10252] - Cascade delete does not work for instrumented/enhanced entities
  • [HHH-10286] - SessionFactoryImpl doesn't cache and reuse existing collection cache region access strategies
  • [HHH-10298] - Add new configuration type hibernate.hbm2dll.extra_physical_table_types
  • [HHH-10331] - HSQLDialect returns supportsTupleDistinctCounts false which seems wrong
  • [HHH-10343] - Precision and scale are reversed when using decimal as element in map
  • [HHH-10344] - Bring transaction invalidation interceptor into Infinispan 2LC
  • [HHH-10353] - Interceptor afterTransactionBegin() is not fired
  • [HHH-10359] - Change default values in bytecode enhance build-time plugins
  • [HHH-10364] - HSQL does not support Nationalized annotation
  • [HHH-10367] - Fix more DB reserved words used by tests
  • [HHH-10368] - Unit test failure because Sybase does not support binding an untyped null object
  • [HHH-10369] - Unit test failure because Sybase trims trailing spaces
  • [HHH-10371] - LocalDate value changes after fetching the row from the database

New Feature

  • [HHH-10356] - Make runtime bytecode enhancement configurable


  • [HHH-10381] - Introduce a ThreadLocal-based pooled-lo optimizer to avoid locking


  • [HHH-10349] - PersistenceUtilHelper should call getDeclaredField/Method inside of privileged block
  • [HHH-10354] - Rename 'field access' bytecode enhancement
  • [HHH-10358] - EntityLoader is contended when calling AbstractLoadPlanBasedLoader.wrapResultSetIfEnabled
  • [HHH-10363] - The Cascade class makes unnecessary calls to the Reflection API.
  • [HHH-10366] - Improve performance and reduce CPU load when fetching reference cached objects
  • [HHH-10379] - Remove dependency to rhq-pluginAnnotations

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