Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 5.0.8 - HTML format


  • [HHH-5855] - The method "merge" from the EntityManager causes a duplicated "insert" of a child entity.
  • [HHH-7705] - Query.setProperties(Map) silently ignores null values provided in the Map
  • [HHH-7973] - String literals in an HQL query can get mangled
  • [HHH-8657] - Case Insensitive Equality Criterion NVARCHAR field yields bad SQL
  • [HHH-9286] - Extended Stored procedure support does not work with Oracle
  • [HHH-9635] - SQLServer2005Dialect (and above) does not support read past locking
  • [HHH-9735] - EntityGraph and isMember functions generates illegal sql
  • [HHH-10261] - Creating an entity sub graph on inherited attribute fails
  • [HHH-10345] - Map byte[]/Byte[] to BLOB rather than LONG RAW in Oracle
  • [HHH-10372] - OffsetDateTime value changes after fetching the row from the database
  • [HHH-10401] - Missing table names on foreign key circularity error message
  • [HHH-10412] - case/when in criteria always casts resulting object which fails on mysql with boolean
  • [HHH-10443] - SchemaUpdate and SchemaMigration do not release jdbc connection
  • [HHH-10446] - Comment delimiters not "escaped" within (VAR)CHAR literals within native queries
  • [HHH-10451] - Can not export table comment statement
  • [HHH-10473] - Test NationalizedLobFieldTest.testNationalization fails on some databases that don't support nclob type
  • [HHH-10474] - SchemaUpdateFormatterTest.testSetFormat fails on some database due to hardcoded expected result that doesn't count with DB differences
  • [HHH-10475] - CompositeIdRowValueTest fails on databases that don't support row value constructor syntax
  • [HHH-10495] - Oracle10gDialect generate nvarchar when using @Nationalized
  • [HHH-10507] - Hibernate core test removing usage of Java 8 introduced methods
  • [HHH-10528] - use_nationalized_character_data global property is ignored
  • [HHH-10529] - SQLServer2008Dialect generate incorrect length of nvarchar


  • [HHH-10512] - Fix symlink handling for documentation tasks
  • [HHH-10521] - Fix Java 6 not compliant tests


  • [HHH-10477] - Setting to allow delayed access to CDI


  • [HHH-10538] - Fix the javadoc of TableInformation.getIndex(Identifier indexName)

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