Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 5.0.9 - HTML format


  • [HHH-9485] - Duplicate Property with AccessType.PROPERTY and MappedSuperclass
  • [HHH-9693] - H2 : Hibernate cannot validate it's own created schema
  • [HHH-10269] - JDBC Statement is not closed if exception appeared during query execution
  • [HHH-10329] - HHH-10023, ISPN-5676 workaround, causes ClassCastException on runtime with Infinispan 8.0.1.Final
  • [HHH-10455] - MapJoin results in NPE when using key()
  • [HHH-10499] - Can't set ConnectionProvider instance, regression
  • [HHH-10505] - jboss logging only auto detects slf4j if it is using logback
  • [HHH-10510] - Root cause not properly extracted when transaction commit fails
  • [HHH-10517] - ClassCastException using with Child classes in Criteria based on Parent class
  • [HHH-10544] - MySQL failing tests
  • [HHH-10545] - InfinispanRegionFactory inadvertently starts the default cache during stop()
  • [HHH-10553] - ORM tries to create a unique constraint on a non existing table
  • [HHH-10554] - NullPointerException in @Embeddable dirty tracking writer
  • [HHH-10556] - Failure getting a PluralAttributePath for collection declared in a superclass marked @Entity
  • [HHH-10563] - Significant String use/duplication associated with subselect fetch
  • [HHH-10567] - Wrong table for formula if its property is mapped on a secondary table
  • [HHH-10576] - Correct association in CascadeMergeToChildBeforeParentTest
  • [HHH-10593] - Avoid NullPointerException with auto_evict_collection_cache and many-to-many
  • [HHH-10602] - Retrieve cached value with enable_lazy_load_no_trans throws an exception
  • [HHH-10612] - Check for support of RefCursor in Java 8
  • [HHH-11312] - Collection is not recreated when a property referenced as property-ref changes



  • [HHH-10546] - InfinispanRegionFactory should stop any caches it starts

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