Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 5.1.2 - HTML format


  • [HHH-3846] - LazyInit error on persting with detached association
  • [HHH-9199] - ValidityAuditStrategy: Collection of embeddables is not audited correctly
  • [HHH-9512] - Invalid entity being created when merging with recursive cascading
  • [HHH-9739] - Updated object is written to second level cache with CacheMode.IGNORE
  • [HHH-11037] - Subclass embeddable sub-properties ignored if superclass has property with same name
  • [HHH-11038] - Invalid statement generated for @MapKeyColumn(updatable=false) for @OneToMany
  • [HHH-11051] - Cache EventListenerRegistry and StatisticsImplementor
  • [HHH-11058] - NPE in SchemaValidator with DdlTransactionIsolatorJtaImpl
  • [HHH-11067] - Proxy-wrapped Sessions (ThreadLocalSessionContext.TransactionProtectionWrapper) handle equals incorrectly
  • [HHH-11072] - Skip CriteriaLiteralInSelectExpressionTest#testStringLiteral2 for Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, and Sybase dialects
  • [HHH-11073] - Casting to boolean in query fails on MySQL
  • [HHH-11081] - JPA join with treat causes QuerySyntaxException: Invalid path
  • [HHH-11101] - Missing unique constraint for many-to-many with unique=true in list mapping


  • [HHH-10106] - Include source entity name and table name (attribute name too ideally) for associations referencing unmapped classes
  • [HHH-11059] - Improve documentation for JTA configuration in user guide and 5.0 migration guide
  • [HHH-11069] - Improve documentation regarding GenerationType.AUTO

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