Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 5.0.12 - HTML format


  • [HHH-10659] - Natural Id 2nd level Cache not working when Identity is database generated
  • [HHH-10998] - NullPointerException when using join with subselect in hbm mapping
  • [HHH-11012] - Hibernate Spatial Geometry Not Serializable
  • [HHH-11083] - WrongClassException using Infinispan and sharing cache regions
  • [HHH-11087] - MySQL56SpatialDialect does not register geometry types causing Geometry types are not correctly deserialized
  • [HHH-11149] - Update plugin parameters for maven enhancer plugin
  • [HHH-11159] - JPA CriteriaUpdate - NullLiteral causes IllegalArgumentException: Could not convert java type to Hibernate type
  • [HHH-11182] - HQL subquery with constraint property in superclass does not join superclass table
  • [HHH-11197] - Hibernate Spatial cannot parse WKT from PostGIS
  • [HHH-11202] - IllegalAccessException on Embeddable ID after serializing Getter in cache key
  • [HHH-11241] - Missing column when executing HQL and criteria query with secondary table
  • [HHH-11289] - Lazy-initializing a static Method and making accessible not thread-safe


  • [HHH-10243] - document package registration for Hibernate 5
  • [HHH-11271] - Fix hidden failure in InfinispanRegionFactoryTestCase#testTimestampValidation


  • [HHH-11116] - Improve the JPA bootstrapping section in the User Guide
  • [HHH-11142] - Document supported use/implications of @Cache / @Cacheable

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