Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 5.2.4 - HTML format


  • [HHH-8512] - Hibernate documentation is not clear what Java/JDBC version is required
  • [HHH-9864] - foreign key violation with order_inserts=true and batches with mixed subclass entities
  • [HHH-11012] - Hibernate Spatial Geometry Not Serializable
  • [HHH-11050] - Gradle Enhancement Task RuntimeException: class is frozen
  • [HHH-11087] - MySQL56SpatialDialect does not register geometry types causing Geometry types are not correctly deserialized
  • [HHH-11107] - Audit table schema generation creates foreign key constraint to Entity table for EmbeddedId containing ManyToOne
  • [HHH-11145] - SQLServer2005LimitHandler creates invalid query when quoted column uses keywords.
  • [HHH-11149] - Update plugin parameters for maven enhancer plugin
  • [HHH-11157] - Invalid identifiers generated in org.hibernate.engine.internal.JoinSequence
  • [HHH-11159] - JPA CriteriaUpdate - NullLiteral causes IllegalArgumentException: Could not convert java type to Hibernate type
  • [HHH-11166] - JPA & JTA - java.lang.IllegalStateException: Session/EntityManager is closed when EntityManager is closed with an active Transaction
  • [HHH-11171] - Java 8 time types fail Externalization
  • [HHH-11179] - NullPointerException on lazy load of non-existed entity outside transaction
  • [HHH-11182] - HQL subquery with constraint property in superclass does not join superclass table
  • [HHH-11184] - SessionFactoryDelegatingImpl.registerNamedSQLQueryDefinition call wrong delegate method
  • [HHH-11188] - SessionImpl.refresh() throws IllegalArgumentException, "Entity not managed" for detached instances when JPA bootstrapped
  • [HHH-11203] - UniqueConstraintGenerationTest fails on db2

New Feature

  • [HHH-3771] - Best practice for equals/hashCode implementation


  • [HHH-5152] - Update Configuration chapter (chapter 3) to reflect Hibernate Annotations
  • [HHH-7010] - Document mapping annotations
  • [HHH-9216] - Add documentation about merging multiple detached representations of the same entity
  • [HHH-10243] - document package registration for Hibernate 5
  • [HHH-11105] - Update Ehcache to 2.10.3


  • [HHH-5037] - Improve documentation for immutable/read-only entity and immutable collection functionality
  • [HHH-10489] - DB2400Dialect could use the same LimitHandler as DB2Dialect
  • [HHH-11066] - Documentation regarding the reason @Filter is not supported with @Cache for collections
  • [HHH-11127] - Confused batch processing doc example
  • [HHH-11142] - Document supported use/implications of @Cache / @Cacheable
  • [HHH-11148] - Migrate HikariCP from Java 1.6 to Java 1.8
  • [HHH-11151] - Update Getting Started guide to Hibernate 5.2
  • [HHH-11174] - Document that XML file mappings can reside outside of JAR
  • [HHH-11175] - Remove the Cartesian Product note from JOINED inheritance
  • [HHH-11177] - Duplicate queries during startup
  • [HHH-11189] - Remove all links to external blog posts from User Guide

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