Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 5.2.5 - HTML format


  • [HHH-2705] - optimistic-lock = "dirty" does not support detached objects


  • [HHH-5467] - API documentation for @Fetch(SUBSELECT) is ambiguous.
  • [HHH-6941] - Erroneous Javadoc for getReferencedProperty, getReferenceablePropertyIterator
  • [HHH-9816] - Document exclude-unlisted-classes and hibernate.archive.autodetection in the manual
  • [HHH-11083] - WrongClassException using Infinispan and sharing cache regions
  • [HHH-11155] - Lazy properties are not updated if not all lazy properties (e.g. collections) are initialized
  • [HHH-11194] - [Regression] SQLServerDialect no longer supports setFirstResult(n)
  • [HHH-11197] - Hibernate Spatial cannot parse WKT from PostGIS
  • [HHH-11198] - Hibernate Spatial cannot parse boxes from PostGIS
  • [HHH-11205] - char is not treated as nationalized character
  • [HHH-11214] - ValidityAuditStrategy not audit properly nested collection with nulls
  • [HHH-11215] - NullPointerException when reading an audited entity that has a collection of embeddables with a ManyToOne to an unaudited entity.
  • [HHH-11216] - @ElementCollection for enumerations is failing when enabling insert ordering
  • [HHH-11217] - SessionImpl.refresh() throws IllegalArgumentException, "not an Entity" when using custom entity name
  • [HHH-11226] - Hibernate cache throws NullPointerException during wildfly app server startup
  • [HHH-11230] - Aggregate on (mappedBy) joined column produces invalid query
  • [HHH-11232] - Session closed exception when using Envers in a JTA transaction
  • [HHH-11248] - Warn user when multiple persistence-units use the same name
  • [HHH-11250] - NPE occurs when using filters whose name contains a dot
  • [HHH-11254] - Timestamps cache fails validation if eviction strategy = MANUAL
  • [HHH-11258] - Using nested order by in a function context produces wrong sql
  • [HHH-11267] - hibernate-infinispan testsuite is broken
  • [HHH-11269] - JPA & JTA - Error during managed flush [Session/EntityManager is closed] on flush-time cascades

New Feature

  • [HHH-3674] - Expose SchemaUpdate#haltOnError as a configuration property


  • [HHH-7424] - document HHH-2576
  • [HHH-11238] - Upgrade JBoss Logging Tools to 2.0.1.Final
  • [HHH-11239] - Upgrade Jandex to version 2.0.3.Final
  • [HHH-11240] - Upgrade Infinispan to version 8.2.4.Final
  • [HHH-11268] - Changes required after upgrading to Infinispan to 8.2
  • [HHH-11270] - Upgrade to Infinispan 8.2.5.Final
  • [HHH-11271] - Fix hidden failure in InfinispanRegionFactoryTestCase#testTimestampValidation


  • [HHH-476] - Event System documentation
  • [HHH-2643] - Improve Session.refresh() Javdoc to clarify contract
  • [HHH-4465] - Document != Hibernate entity name
  • [HHH-10127] - Allow indication that converted types are immutable
  • [HHH-10211] - Create Postgis9Dialect, Postgis92Dialect and Postgis94Dialect
  • [HHH-11034] - Javadoc should specify whether the resulting Stream contains resources
  • [HHH-11152] - ByteBuddy BytecodeProvider
  • [HHH-11204] - Fix typo for all "occured" error message to occurred
  • [HHH-11206] - Document all configurations that are not present in AvailableSettings
  • [HHH-11220] - Auto-detect SQL Server 2016 when the major version is 13
  • [HHH-11221] - Add more authors to the User Guide header
  • [HHH-11225] - Add CriteriaBuilder overloads for methods dealing with Collection to also deal with Map
  • [HHH-11233] - JPA SQL function with no arguments can only be called if we provide a comma
  • [HHH-11235] - split checkstyles into fatal and non-fatal configs
  • [HHH-11245] - Usage of a closed Thread Context ClassLoader
  • [HHH-11255] - @NaturalId mapping fails when using a composite natural identifier


  • [HHH-2123] - clarification on the way interceptors and event system interact.

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