Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 5.1.4 - HTML format


  • [HHH-9864] - foreign key violation with order_inserts=true and batches with mixed subclass entities
  • [HHH-10623] - Persist of detached entity in derived ID
  • [HHH-10904] - Fix tests failing when switching to MySQL
  • [HHH-11023] - Startup performance regression : schema update/validate
  • [HHH-11061] - Attempt to resolve foreign key metadata from JDBC metadata failed to find column mappings for foreign when keywords auto quoting is enabled
  • [HHH-11202] - IllegalAccessException on Embeddable ID after serializing Getter in cache key
  • [HHH-11203] - UniqueConstraintGenerationTest fails on db2
  • [HHH-11216] - @ElementCollection for enumerations is failing when enabling insert ordering
  • [HHH-11241] - Missing column when executing HQL and criteria query with secondary table
  • [HHH-11289] - Lazy-initializing a static Method and making accessible not thread-safe
  • [HHH-11304] - Invalidations are not cleared when transaction rolls back
  • [HHH-11314] - BasicHibernateAnnotationsTest.testInheritFiltersFromMappedSuperclass fails on MS SQL Server
  • [HHH-11315] - EnhancerTest fails on Oracle databases
  • [HHH-11328] - Persist of transient entity in derived ID that is already in merge process throws javax.persistence.EntityExistsException
  • [HHH-11329] - Too long identifiers in tests in org.hibernate.test.inheritancediscriminator.embeddable package
  • [HHH-11330] - Skip IdentifierGeneratorWithNaturalIdCacheTest on dialects that do not support identity columns
  • [HHH-11331] - SQLLoaderTest fails on DB2
  • [HHH-11332] - QueryAndSQLTest and QueryTest failing on Sybase because null == null
  • [HHH-11335] - ByteArrayIdTest and PrimitiveByteArrayIdTest failing on Oracle DBs
  • [HHH-11337] - Incorrect SQL generated when use both left join with unrelated entity and implicit join to another entity in select-clause
  • [HHH-11340] - Joins on Entity Joins are not rendered into SQL

New Feature

  • [HHH-10689] - Fix tests failing when switching to Oracle


  • [HHH-10243] - document package registration for Hibernate 5


  • [HHH-10332] - Schema validation: ambiguous table name
  • [HHH-11177] - Duplicate queries during startup
  • [HHH-11220] - Auto-detect SQL Server 2016 when the major version is 13
  • [HHH-11295] - Some improvements to EntityJoinTest
  • [HHH-11357] - Improve result checking for tests that sort insert actions

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