Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 5.2.8 - HTML format


  • [HHH-7132] - Split Oracle spatial dialect into OGC Strict/non-strict dialects
  • [HHH-11475] - Deprecate ModificationStore


  • [HHH-10256] - ClassCastException in
  • [HHH-10537] - Usage of JPQL KEY() with entity key generates inner join
  • [HHH-10577] - Allow dereferencing of KEY() path
  • [HHH-10930] - Need to add jta dependency for the plugin to work
  • [HHH-10938] - Substantial native memory leak when bootstrapping EntityManagerFactory
  • [HHH-10989] - Unidirectional one-to-many doesn't take care of many side during removal if bytecode enhancement is on
  • [HHH-11161] - @LazyCollection(LazyCollectionOption.EXTRA) is not extra lazy for bytecode enhanced classes
  • [HHH-11180] - JPA @ForeignKey still not consistently applied from annotation binding
  • [HHH-11237] - Incorrect update occurs when updating a detached object with empty component and @SelectBeforeUpdate
  • [HHH-11262] - Bulk Operations attempt to create temporary tables, but user does not have permission to create table
  • [HHH-11299] - Uninitialized ManyToMany Entry is not removed when bytecode-enhanced Entity is deleted
  • [HHH-11301] - Oracle Spatial Dialect non-string mode is unavailable
  • [HHH-11410] - ManyToMany with Filter generates incorrect load SQL
  • [HHH-11412] - EntityManager/Session setProperty should permit custom properties
  • [HHH-11416] - Envers query API: cannot traverse relation if target entity is mapped with JOINED subclass mapping/Unrelated property joins do not work when target entity is Mapped with JOINED subclass mapping
  • [HHH-11418] - SynonymValidationTest failure
  • [HHH-11419] - QueryAndSQLTest failing on MS SQL Server
  • [HHH-11425] - Karaf feature misses byte buddy dependency
  • [HHH-11426] - NullPointerException in getPersistenceUnitUtil().getIdentifier() on detached enhanced entity
  • [HHH-11434] - Failure in some tests causes TS to hang infinitely
  • [HHH-11436] - SQLTest failure
  • [HHH-11437] - Entity joins are not polymorphic
  • [HHH-11438] - Inconsistencies in the documentation for bytecode enhancement
  • [HHH-11455] - When "schema" attribute is set explicitly, tables are identified by schema name even when underlying database doesn't support schemas
  • [HHH-11456] - SequenceHiLoGeneratorTest fails due to wrong select string on SQL Server
  • [HHH-11467] - Form-feed (\f 0x0C) in generated SQL triggers exceptions in Firebird
  • [HHH-11484] - Conversion from String to Locale.ROOT is not working


  • [HHH-11431] - Remove unintended deprecations on Query
  • [HHH-11439] - Switch from Geronimo JTA to Narayana JTA
  • [HHH-11445] - Improve Infinispan second-level cache documentation
  • [HHH-11461] - Remove reference to tools class EnversSchemaGenerator
  • [HHH-11468] - Update CreationTimestamp and UpdateTimestamp Javadoc


  • [HHH-8768] - Add support for OFFSET/FETCH pagination for SQL Server 2012
  • [HHH-11417] - Upgrade Byte Buddy to 1.6.4
  • [HHH-11420] - Update Byte Buddy to 1.6.6. and use more granular locks on type caches
  • [HHH-11428] - When multiple @RequiresDialect annotation is applied the test is ignored
  • [HHH-11442] - Update documentation for HHH-10858
  • [HHH-11448] - Fix tests failing on PostgreSQL
  • [HHH-11450] - The testWithClause from WithClauseTest class fails on PostgreSQL
  • [HHH-11453] - Documentation: explain/state find() and Query on a single entity can behave differently
  • [HHH-11457] - Add MariaDB specific Dialects
  • [HHH-11458] - Optimize the SQL formatter call when iterating through multiple targets
  • [HHH-11482] - SUBSTRING example code suggests start position is 0-based
  • [HHH-11485] - Document that the @Filter annotation only applies to query
  • [HHH-11489] - Improve the documentation about upgrading WidFly with latest Hibernate ORM modules
  • [HHH-11491] - Add documentation to non-temporary tables bulk-id strategies

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