Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 5.1.5 - HTML format


  • [HHH-10537] - Usage of JPQL KEY() with entity key generates inner join
  • [HHH-10577] - Allow dereferencing of KEY() path
  • [HHH-10889] - Fix unit tests failing on Oracle
  • [HHH-10919] - HQL: Sql syntax exception when joining a Map<Entity,Component>
  • [HHH-10930] - Need to add jta dependency for the plugin to work
  • [HHH-10981] - Support private persistent attributes in @MappedSuperclas
  • [HHH-10989] - Unidirectional one-to-many doesn't take care of many side during removal if bytecode enhancement is on
  • [HHH-11050] - Gradle Enhancement Task RuntimeException: class is frozen
  • [HHH-11173] - Bytecode enhanced lazy collection won't load from cache
  • [HHH-11284] - Enhancer dirty tracking doesn't work with inherited entities
  • [HHH-11287] - requiresDependencyResolution must bet set in plugin.xml to include maven dependencies in enhancement classpath
  • [HHH-11288] - Execution project artifacts are always empty, so dependencies are never included
  • [HHH-11293] - Use of enhancer dirty tracking causes collections in entities to not be persisted
  • [HHH-11294] - NPE in org.hibernate.jpa.internal.util.PersistenceUtilHelper.isInitialized(PersistentAttributeInterceptable)
  • [HHH-11400] - HHH90000016: Found use of deprecated 'collection property' issue for valid JPQL query
  • [HHH-11404] - ManagedSuperclass not enhanced when extending another ManagedSuperclass
  • [HHH-11418] - SynonymValidationTest failure
  • [HHH-11419] - QueryAndSQLTest failing on MS SQL Server
  • [HHH-11434] - Failure in some tests causes TS to hang infinitely
  • [HHH-11456] - SequenceHiLoGeneratorTest fails due to wrong select string on SQL Server
  • [HHH-11506] - Lazy properties are not updated on bytecode-enhanced entity if not all lazy properties (e.g. collections) are initialized
  • [HHH-11516] - Level two cache may not be enabled when using @Cacheable without/instead of @Cache

New Feature

  • [HHH-3771] - Best practice for equals/hashCode implementation
  • [HHH-10689] - Fix tests failing when switching to Oracle


  • [HHH-7010] - Document mapping annotations


  • [HHH-2643] - Improve Session.refresh() Javdoc to clarify contract
  • [HHH-10996] - The cleanupTestData utility has issues with link tables
  • [HHH-11066] - Documentation regarding the reason @Filter is not supported with @Cache for collections
  • [HHH-11132] - Add a Performance Tuning and Best Practices chapter
  • [HHH-11174] - Document that XML file mappings can reside outside of JAR
  • [HHH-11189] - Remove all links to external blog posts from User Guide
  • [HHH-11282] - Support m2e/Eclipse integration in hibernate-enhance-maven-plugin
  • [HHH-11530] - IdentityGeneratorExtendsTest.testIdentifierGeneratorExtendsIdentityGenerator failing on Oracle DBs


  • [HHH-2123] - clarification on the way interceptors and event system interact.

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