Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 5.1.9 - HTML format


  • [HHH-11323] - Evict during concurrent update and putFromLoad can result in stale entry in 2LC
  • [HHH-11350] - Intermittent failure in testEvictAll/testRemoveAll
  • [HHH-11372] - Do not send RemoveExpiredCommands in repl/dist caches
  • [HHH-11373] - Silence lock acquisition failures on remote nodes
  • [HHH-11381] - In nonstrict mode, putFromLoad after evict can behave incorrectly
  • [HHH-11889] - Fix PostgreSQL nationalization test failures


  • [HHH-11320] - Disable EntityRegionAccessStrategyTest#testContestedPutFromLoad because of short timeout
  • [HHH-11339] - PutFromLoads in replicated/distributed caches should propagate asynchronously
  • [HHH-11344] - Reduce execution time of hibernate-infinispan testsuite

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