Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 5.1.11 - HTML format


  • [HHH-10418] - ClassCastException thrown in SessionFactoryImpl for named regions containing both entity and collection
  • [HHH-11364] - Unable to populate an ElementCollection (of an embeddable type) of an audited entity when the collection has a null value for a property with JoinColumn
  • [HHH-11915] - DatabaseMetaData#getIndexInfo can return column names enclosed in quotes on PostgresPlus
  • [HHH-11957] - DB2 substring method needs to be exposed in DB297Dialect
  • [HHH-11970] - Use of @NotFound(IGNORE) and @BatchSize when there are unresolved foreign key values results in extra queries
  • [HHH-12075] - SQLQuery.executeUpdate() ignores SQLQuery.setTimeout()


  • [HHH-11808] - Update migration guide and documentation


  • [HHH-4959] - Concurrent HQL parsing blocks on ReflectHelper.classForName()
  • [HHH-11377] - ReflectHelper#getConstantValue should consider digits as well

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