Release Notes - Hibernate ORM - Version 5.1.17 - HTML format


  • [HHH-6781] - Class level @Where annotation is not enforced on collections of that class
  • [HHH-10891] - Exception at bootstrap when @Any is inside an @Embeddable object
  • [HHH-12374] - Order inserts sorting code gives up too soon
  • [HHH-12380] - Stackoverflow when order_inserts=true
  • [HHH-12875] - Class level where="..." clause in hbm.xml mappings is not enforced on collections of that class
  • [HHH-12882] - Where clauses mapped on collections and entities need parentheses when used in conjunction
  • [HHH-12935] - Constraint and AuxiliaryDatabaseObject export identifiers are not qualified by schema or catalog
  • [HHH-12937] - Where clause for collections of basic, embeddable and "any" elements is ignored when mapped using hbm.xml
  • [HHH-12958] - NotFoundLogicalOneToOneTest fails on Oracle due to identifiers that are too long (5.1)
  • [HHH-12964] - Upgrade to dom4j 2.1.1


  • [HHH-13126] - Update README and migration notes to indicate changes in Java compatibility in 5.1 branch


  • [HHH-13011] - Add option enabling/disabling use of an entity's mapped where-clause when loading collections of that entity

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