Release Notes - Hibernate Validator - Version 5.2.0.Beta1 - HTML format


  • [HV-861] - AIOOBE in ReflectionHelper#parametersResolveToSameTypes
  • [HV-887] - Validator ParanamerParameterNameProvider with inheritance
  • [HV-890] - Take visibility into account for method override check
  • [HV-933] - @CPF and @CPNJ only works with input containing puctuation characters like 134.241.313-00
  • [HV-943] - Reference guide incorrect regarding DefaultTraversableResolver
  • [HV-948] - Incorrect JPA 2 detection
  • [HV-950] - Wrong warning log in TypeAnnotationAwareMetaDataProvider.getTypeParameter
  • [HV-957] - WhiteListType.RELAXED allows <div>, <span>
  • [HV-959] - CPF validation
  • [HV-965] - The module description list on the contribute page needs updating
  • [HV-969] - No tests are executed for the CDI module

New Feature

  • [HV-582] - Introduce a class loading service
  • [HV-955] - Using the fluent API in a JavaEE environment


  • [HV-896] - Add "ParenPad" CheckStyle rule
  • [HV-915] - Make it possible to import the project in Eclipse
  • [HV-942] - Upgrade Wildfly version for tck/integration tests to 8.2.0.Final
  • [HV-960] - Create Karaf-based integration test for running HV in OSGi
  • [HV-963] - Upgrade to the latest JBoss Logging version
  • [HV-967] - Updating old and broken links in documentation, and
  • [HV-972] - Avoid dependency on ASM4 (upgrade groovy-jsr223)


  • [HV-913] - Provide a way to run the test suite using a security manager
  • [HV-914] - Document permissions required to run Hibernate Validator with a security manager
  • [HV-944] - French translation of @Min and @Max messages is incorrect
  • [HV-946] - French translation of @DecimalMin and @DecimalMax messages is incorrect (with inclusive parameter)
  • [HV-951] - Make expression variables accessible from ConstraintViolation
  • [HV-953] - Create possiblity to contribute resource bundles as part of a ConstraintDefinitionContributor
  • [HV-964] - Create a dedicated module for the testutils code
  • [HV-968] - Performance improvements for ConstraintHelper
  • [HV-970] - Avoid accessing package* when not working with XML descriptors
  • [HV-971] - Remove requirement to use JBoss's Maven repositories

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