Release Notes - Hibernate Validator - Version 6.0.0.Beta1 - HTML format


  • [HV-1306] - Throw an exception if several value extractors are defined in parallel hierarchies


  • [HV-1311] - Some jdk.internal annotations are not ignored in constraints discovery
  • [HV-1326] - NPE when null value is encountered during nested cascaded validation
  • [HV-1330] - Transient failure of XmlBasedMethodValidationTest#cascadingArrayParameter

New Feature

  • [HV-1297] - Annotation processor support for @NotEmpty, @NotBlank, @Email, @Positive, @Negative
  • [HV-1298] - Support @Positive/@Negative for monetary amount
  • [HV-1304] - Explore extension of meta-model to cover container element constraints
  • [HV-1310] - Support container element constraints for nested arrays
  • [HV-1312] - In XML, containerElementType should be renamed container-element-type for consistency
  • [HV-1313] - Support group conversion for container element types


  • [HV-1288] - Don't use org.testng.AssertJUnit
  • [HV-1296] - Follow-up to-dos around value extractor implementation
  • [HV-1318] - Take into account the move of ValidateUnwrappedValue to javax.validation.metadata
  • [HV-1319] - Update HV to use Bean Validation 2.0.0.Beta1
  • [HV-1320] - Replace <iterable element> by <list element> in the node path of Lists
  • [HV-1324] - Fix annotation processor test issue with latest JDK 9
  • [HV-1329] - Add validation messages for new built-in constraints
  • [HV-1332] - Upgrade the TCK to 2.0.0.Beta1


  • [HV-1303] - @SafeHtml should support relative URLs
  • [HV-1305] - Use HTML5 doclet when generating JavaDoc with Java 9
  • [HV-1308] - Use license-maven-plugin instead of checkstyle to check the licenses
  • [HV-1309] - @Deprecated should be ignored as a potential composing constraint annotation
  • [HV-1321] - Add missing method re-definitions to HibernateValidatorContext

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