Release Notes - Hibernate Validator - Version 6.0.0.Beta2 - HTML format


  • [HV-1341] - Validator#validateValue on a class with constraints leads to a ClassCastException
  • [HV-1342] - Use the default ParameterNameProvider in the startup stage of a CDI environment
  • [HV-1343] - TypeArgumentConstraintLocation equals/hashCode implementation is broken

New Feature

  • [HV-1333] - ValueExtractors should be CDI-enabled


  • [HV-1340] - Addition of container element nodes via the node builder API
  • [HV-1345] - Upgrade TCK to 2.0.0.Beta2
  • [HV-1346] - Upgrade Bean Validation API to 2.0.0.Beta2


  • [HV-1300] - Split *ForNumber validators in an implementation per type
  • [HV-1302] - @SafeHtml should support adding additional protocols
  • [HV-1307] - SafeHtmlDef programmatic API should not use annotation proxies
  • [HV-1327] - Use hibernate-asciidoctor-extension for example numbering in documentation
  • [HV-1335] - Upgrade assertj-core to 3.7.0
  • [HV-1339] - Add support for non parameterized type in value extraction
  • [HV-1344] - Change the way legacy @Valid on containers are handled

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