Release Notes - Hibernate Search - Version 5.0.0.Beta2 - HTML format


  • [HSEARCH-1592] - DefaultStringBridge cannot be used with programmatic configuration API
  • [HSEARCH-1655] - Avro's ConcurrentServiceTest fails occasionally
  • [HSEARCH-1713] - Remove the DefaultEntityInterceptor implementation of EntityIndexingInterceptor


  • [HSEARCH-1500] - Review Serialization strategies
  • [HSEARCH-1579] - Consider removing direct references to FieldBridges from BridgeFactory
  • [HSEARCH-1705] - Mark the MoreLikeThis feature as experimental
  • [HSEARCH-1707] - Upgrade to Apache Lucene 4.10.2
  • [HSEARCH-1712] - Remove dependency to ParaNamer
  • [HSEARCH-1716] - Simplify the Lucene writing backend by dropping the parallel execution of writer tasks
  • [HSEARCH-1717] - Update Infinispan to 7.0.0.Final


  • [HSEARCH-1173] - JPA FullTextQuery toString() with query information
  • [HSEARCH-1273] - Improve usability and consistency of spatial API
  • [HSEARCH-1368] - FullTextIndexEventListener becomes final
  • [HSEARCH-1469] - Consider the term 'geospatial' instead of 'spatial'
  • [HSEARCH-1470] - Provide better error message when the user writes a geospatial query against a non spatial field
  • [HSEARCH-1699] - Batching IndexWriter commits for multiple synchronous worksets
  • [HSEARCH-1718] - Avoid array resize overhead in the ErrorContextBuilder

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