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Release Notes - Hibernate Search - Version 5.6.0.Beta4 - HTML format


  • [HSEARCH-2119] - ManualIndexingStrategyTest is unreliable when run on Elasticsearch
  • [HSEARCH-2314] - TokenStream contract violation during serialization of index on slave node in a JMS cluster
  • [HSEARCH-2324] - Distance computation is inconsistent between the Lucene and the ElasticSearch backend
  • [HSEARCH-2330] - MetadataProvidingFieldBridge cannot override metadata on annotation-generated field
  • [HSEARCH-2386] - TikaMetadataProcessor cannot add sortable fields (or fields usable in Elasticsearch)
  • [HSEARCH-2397] - The Elasticsearch backend doesn't support embeddeds prefixes properly
  • [HSEARCH-2401] - Boosts are (erroneously) not applied to IndexedEmbeddeds
  • [HSEARCH-2402] - Elasticsearch backend mistakes @DateBridge for @CalendarBridge
  • [HSEARCH-2403] - TwoWayFieldBridge exceptions are not wrapped properly when retrieving ES projection values
  • [HSEARCH-2408] - @IndexedEmbedded.prefix, .depth, etc. don't work on @ElementCollection anymore
  • [HSEARCH-2409] - Parent prefix gets ignored on @IndexedEmbedded @ElementCollection
  • [HSEARCH-2419] - Using array/iterable/map field bridges requires the @IndexedEmbedded annotation
  • [HSEARCH-2420] - Tenant IDs containing underscores are not supported with ES
  • [HSEARCH-2422] - Error when projecting on the score while not sorting by relevance
  • [HSEARCH-2425] - Projection on spatial coordinates returns a String instead of a number with Elasticsearch
  • [HSEARCH-2426] - Remote analyzer initialization fails when using dynamic sharding on Elasticsearch
  • [HSEARCH-2429] - Analyzers on ClassBridge are being ignored with Elasticsearch
  • [HSEARCH-2431] - NPE with projections and Elasticsearch
  • [HSEARCH-2432] - Entity Ids containing underscore lost when querying
  • [HSEARCH-2433] - AssertionFailure with providedId in embeddeds
  • [HSEARCH-2438] - Tests failing following daylight saving time change
  • [HSEARCH-2439] - NPE when generating mapping for unindexed class bridge fields with Elasticsearch
  • [HSEARCH-2442] - AsyncExecutor blocks forever on shutdown
  • [HSEARCH-2451] - StringFacetingTest.testStringFacetingWithNameCollision() fails randomly with Elasticsearch
  • [HSEARCH-2468] - method getShardIdentifiersForDeletion in ShardIdentifierProviderTemplate should not be final
  • [HSEARCH-2474] - Elasticsearch sorts ignore the "missing value" property
  • [HSEARCH-2475] - Elasticsearch score sorts are reversed
  • [HSEARCH-2480] - Adding classes to the SearchIntegrator concurrently fails with Elasticsearch
  • [HSEARCH-2482] - Sort DSL fails with ClassCastException when using missing values on numeric non-double fields
  • [HSEARCH-2495] - The javadoc @see tag is illegal on URLs

New Feature

  • [HSEARCH-402] - Provide a ReaderProvider to cap the number of index reopenings to a fixed rate
  • [HSEARCH-2235] - Allow to configure several hosts of an Elasticsearch cluster
  • [HSEARCH-2396] - Support custom field bridges with the Elasticsearch backend (for EmbeddedIds for instance)
  • [HSEARCH-2400] - Support IndexingMonitor for the Elasticsearch backend
  • [HSEARCH-2471] - Add support for projection on unmapped fields with Elasticsearch


  • [HSEARCH-2239] - Update project tagline and project description in the README
  • [HSEARCH-2253] - When sorting using an id field, all the id fields of the searched entities have to be consistent
  • [HSEARCH-2260] - Deal with index mappings creation/upgrade/concurrency in the Elasticsearch case
  • [HSEARCH-2261] - Don't need to check the actual field types as every FieldBridge has to implement MetadataProvidingFieldBridge in the Elasticsearch case
  • [HSEARCH-2271] - Enable ArrayBridgeTest (and similar) for Elasticsearch
  • [HSEARCH-2365] - HostCanBeConfiguredIT.shouldApplyConfiguredElasticsearchHost should expect a different message when testing on Windows
  • [HSEARCH-2384] - Make the Elasticsearch version used for integration tests a build parameter
  • [HSEARCH-2390] - Investigate and label test exclusions in the ES module
  • [HSEARCH-2392] - Enable BridgeProviderTest for Elasticsearch
  • [HSEARCH-2393] - Remove dependency to Lucene in tests for features common to Lucene and Elasticsearch
  • [HSEARCH-2394] - Fix dependency issues for tests that are re-used in Elasticsearch
  • [HSEARCH-2406] - -engine tests are not executed against the Elasticsearch backend
  • [HSEARCH-2407] - SearchIntegrator should no longer be marked experimental
  • [HSEARCH-2416] - Add links to the JIRA tickets for missing features in the Elasticsearch doc
  • [HSEARCH-2427] - Introduce JMH tests for query execution via the engine component only
  • [HSEARCH-2436] - Reference HSEARCH-2414 in the Elasticsearch doc
  • [HSEARCH-2437] - Prepare the support for Elasticsearch 5
  • [HSEARCH-2457] - Clean up confusions between relative field name, absolute field name and property name
  • [HSEARCH-2470] - Drop support for projection on fields with a one-way bridge in Elasticsearch
  • [HSEARCH-2483] - Upgrade Elasticsearch used for testing to 2.4.2


  • [HSEARCH-2313] - Drop the experimental flag of More Like This queries
  • [HSEARCH-2360] - Elasticsearch queries should use source filtering
  • [HSEARCH-2375] - Document the supported Elasticsearch versions in the reference documentation
  • [HSEARCH-2412] - Add the target URL in Elasticsearch error messages
  • [HSEARCH-2435] - Improve Elasticsearch documentation
  • [HSEARCH-2445] - Improve error handling
  • [HSEARCH-2448] - Throw exceptions with clear messages when there are field type conflicts with Elasticsearch
  • [HSEARCH-2450] - In internal metadata, provide access to BridgeDefinedFields through their source document field


  • [HSEARCH-2493] - Generics usage needs to be stricter to make the Java9 compiler happy

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