Release Notes - Hibernate Search - Version 5.6.0.CR1 - HTML format


  • [HSEARCH-2363] - ZonedDateTimeBridge stores time in an ambiguous representation
  • [HSEARCH-2415] - indexNullAs doesn't work on Java 8 date/time types with ES
  • [HSEARCH-2441] - ElasticsearchQueries.fromJson expects top-level JSON but only the "query" parameter is supported
  • [HSEARCH-2456] - Wait for index status does not raise an exception
  • [HSEARCH-2467] - Avoid scientific notation of date values (epoch millis format) in queries since Elasticsearch is unable to parse it
  • [HSEARCH-2479] - ConnectedMultiFieldsPhraseQueryBuilder uses HashMap on sorted map
  • [HSEARCH-2484] - Concurrent projections fails randomly with Elasticsearch due to service access issues
  • [HSEARCH-2486] - @ContainedIn in super class being ignored when child class has no Search-specific annotations
  • [HSEARCH-2488] - AssertionFailure thrown when field bridges bypass @IndexedEmbedded prefixes with Elasticsearch
  • [HSEARCH-2491] - Flush per entity ignored for ElasticsearchIndexManager
  • [HSEARCH-2492] - Stream operations behaviour not consistent across IndexManagers
  • [HSEARCH-2494] - TikaBridgeProvider does not recognize byte arrays as a compatible type
  • [HSEARCH-2499] - Tests leaking transactions hang the build when running on MariaDB
  • [HSEARCH-2500] - TikaBridge not working for containers type
  • [HSEARCH-2507] - ElasticsearchIndexNameConflictIT is broken on file-insensitive filesystems
  • [HSEARCH-2525] - Some Hibernate ORM dependencies have an incorrect version in our OSGi integration
  • [HSEARCH-2526] - Javadoc errors failing the release process

New Feature

  • [HSEARCH-2449] - Allow configuration of the pool sizes, timeouts and autodiscovery for the Jest client connections


  • [HSEARCH-2095] - LuceneQueryTranslator is forcing to export the whole impl package to OSGi headers
  • [HSEARCH-2223] - Rename SolrAnalyzerBuilder as it's not Solr related anymore
  • [HSEARCH-2258] - Index lowercasing required by Elasticsearch might introduce name conflicts
  • [HSEARCH-2379] - Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 5.1.3.Final
  • [HSEARCH-2391] - Support -orm/-engine analyzer-related tests in -elasticsearch
  • [HSEARCH-2489] - Update documentation opening to introduce the Lucene/Elasticsearch option
  • [HSEARCH-2503] - Fix ExpectedLog4jLog when expectations are defined during the test
  • [HSEARCH-2506] - Mention Jest in the Elasticsearch documentation
  • [HSEARCH-2508] - Restore the previous default for container bridges
  • [HSEARCH-2509] - Upgrade to Jest 2.0.4
  • [HSEARCH-2512] - Force OSGi integration tests to use the loopback device for RMI
  • [HSEARCH-2523] - Clarify the Elasticsearch integration is not ready for usage within OSGi


  • [HSEARCH-1589] - ServiceManager closes services too aggressively
  • [HSEARCH-2172] - Non-null properties persisted as null in ES if value equals indexNullAs()
  • [HSEARCH-2219] - Define analyzers via the REST API
  • [HSEARCH-2348] - Improve logging for elasticsearch integration
  • [HSEARCH-2387] - Configurable dynamic mapping settings

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