Release Notes - Hibernate Search - Version 5.7.0.Final - HTML format


  • [HSEARCH-2569] - The "delete-by-query" plugin requirement for Elasticsearch isn't clear
  • [HSEARCH-2587] - Sort DSL on embedded fields throws NPE
  • [HSEARCH-2590] - ElasticsearchHSQueryImpl allocates too much memory for query results
  • [HSEARCH-2593] - Node discovery uses the HTTP (not HTTPS) scheme by default and isn't configurable

New Feature

  • [HSEARCH-2418] - Allow registering Analyzer definitions at bootstrap via an extension point
  • [HSEARCH-2585] - Allow injecting Analyzer definitions using a Service


  • [HSEARCH-2141] - Improve reliability of JGroups integration tests
  • [HSEARCH-2381] - Avoid logging warnings caused by internal usage of the legacy Criteria API
  • [HSEARCH-2558] - Remove obsolete entries from the "limitations" section of the Elasticsearch integration documentation
  • [HSEARCH-2559] - Switch to Asciidoctor output for the documentation
  • [HSEARCH-2561] - Allow sorting metadata to be overriden during query execution
  • [HSEARCH-2562] - Integrators can not use the AnalyzerDiscriminator to override analyzer mapping dynamically
  • [HSEARCH-2563] - Update some outdated information in the pom (CI and authors)
  • [HSEARCH-2564] - Generic type signature of FullTextQuery should not be as flexible as the JPA Query
  • [HSEARCH-2570] - Upgrade maven plugins to support Java 8 code
  • [HSEARCH-2571] - Upgrade the maven plugin dependencies
  • [HSEARCH-2573] - Upgrade the Elasticsearch version used for tests to 2.4.4
  • [HSEARCH-2575] - Update usage of deprecated options of Forbidden APIs code check
  • [HSEARCH-2578] - Include the lucene-grouping artifact in the WildFly modules
  • [HSEARCH-2580] - Update of the "previous.stable" property following the 5.6.0.Final release
  • [HSEARCH-2595] - Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 5.2.8.Final
  • [HSEARCH-2596] - Point to the Hibernate ORM / WildFly modules documentation
  • [HSEARCH-2597] - Do not rely on automatic detection of JPA annotations from the classpath


  • [HSEARCH-2447] - Make it easier to add sortable fields from custom field bridges
  • [HSEARCH-2453] - Add support for Elasticsearch authentication
  • [HSEARCH-2568] - IndexSchemaManagementStrategy#NONE throws an exception if index does not exist
  • [HSEARCH-2572] - Missing labels for cross references in documentation
  • [HSEARCH-2574] - Java 8: Make the repeatable annotations actually Repeatable
  • [HSEARCH-2576] - FacetingManager should allocate maps lazily
  • [HSEARCH-2577] - Separate the namespaces for Lucene and Elasticsearch analyzers
  • [HSEARCH-2588] - Make byField(String) in the sort DSL automatically determine the sort type for metadata providing field bridges
  • [HSEARCH-2591] - Upgrade to Apache Lucene 5.5.4

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