Release Notes - Hibernate Search - Version 5.8.0.Beta3 - HTML format


  • [HSEARCH-2665] - Promote IndexingInterceptor to be no longer experimental
  • [HSEARCH-2666] - IndexControlMBean should no longer be flagged experimental


  • [HSEARCH-2477] - Shard filtering doesn't work with Elasticsearch queries
  • [HSEARCH-2481] - Byteman-based tests executed in the Elasticsearch module won't work
  • [HSEARCH-2683] - Avoid explicit usage of prefix for new Elasticsearch configuration properties
  • [HSEARCH-2736] - Discovery_scheme not taken in account
  • [HSEARCH-2742] - NPE when clearing the index in Elasticsearch
  • [HSEARCH-2761] - Elasticsearch purges may fail due to concurrent (or non-refreshed) writes

New Feature

  • [HSEARCH-1316] - Support @Inject in ClassBridges and FieldBridge instances
  • [HSEARCH-2583] - Document the Analyzer definition extension points
  • [HSEARCH-2726] - Add a concept of "normalizer" (analyzer without tokenizer)


  • [HSEARCH-1404] - More flexibility than just Class to identify indexing metadata
  • [HSEARCH-1844] - Review which components should no longer be tagged as experimental in 5.8
  • [HSEARCH-2603] - Switch to the Painless language for Elasticsearch inline scripts
  • [HSEARCH-2696] - Move integration test environment resources to a more fitting location
  • [HSEARCH-2716] - Investigate test failures on the MariaDB job in the CI
  • [HSEARCH-2717] - Performance tests in sandbox running out of JDBC connections
  • [HSEARCH-2718] - Make the analyzer definition provider interfaces API instead of SPI
  • [HSEARCH-2719] - Fix links to
  • [HSEARCH-2721] - Fix transient failures in DefaultElasticsearchClientFactoryTest.discovery
  • [HSEARCH-2722] - Remove conditions around Java 8 specific code
  • [HSEARCH-2723] - Clarify the documentation about built-in bridges
  • [HSEARCH-2724] - Clarify that "directory-based" indexes are actually just "local Lucene" indexes
  • [HSEARCH-2727] - No longer needed to explicitly disable INDEX_UNINVERTING_ALLOWED in tests
  • [HSEARCH-2732] - New Spring integration tests are failing the JDK9 integration tests
  • [HSEARCH-2733] - FullTextIndexEventListener doesn't need to be Serializable
  • [HSEARCH-2734] - Re-brand the "ram" DirectoryProvider as "local-heap"
  • [HSEARCH-2737] - Agents usage during builds requires a new JVM flag on JDK 9
  • [HSEARCH-2739] - Some error message use the indexed type and field path inconsistently
  • [HSEARCH-2740] - Remove dead dependencies from sandbox performance tests
  • [HSEARCH-2741] - Fix dependency convergence issue between MariaDB and integration tests
  • [HSEARCH-2743] - JGroupsDynamicMasterElectionTest fails on Windows
  • [HSEARCH-2744] - Improve Simple Query String documentation
  • [HSEARCH-2745] - Make the Elasticsearch option more prominent in the documentation
  • [HSEARCH-2747] - Fix a few typos in the backend section of the documentation
  • [HSEARCH-2749] - Make sure every SearchIntegrator built in test is closed properly
  • [HSEARCH-2751] - SimpleQueryStringDSLTest fails on Elasticsearch 5.1
  • [HSEARCH-2762] - Reduce the memory footprint of the Elasticsearch instances in builds
  • [HSEARCH-2767] - Make ElasticsearchWorkProcessor use one execution context per runnable once again


  • [HSEARCH-2652] - Create one error context per set of works, instead of one per work, when processing Elasticsearch works
  • [HSEARCH-2659] - Support "normalizers" in Elasticsearch 5.2+
  • [HSEARCH-2711] - Upgrade to Elasticsearch 5.4.1
  • [HSEARCH-2714] - Allow finer-grained configuration of Elasticsearch authentication
  • [HSEARCH-2715] - Mention in the documentation *when* a full reindex may be necessary
  • [HSEARCH-2746] - Translate parameters of WordDelimiterFilterFactory from 0/1 to booleans on Elasticsearch
  • [HSEARCH-2748] - Just log a warning instead of throwing an exception when connecting to an ES server with a higher version than supported
  • [HSEARCH-2752] - Improve overhead of checking for Timeout during Query execution
  • [HSEARCH-2754] - SpatialFieldBridge uses inefficient Reflection access
  • [HSEARCH-2763] - Use improved statistic collector utilities from JDK8


  • [HSEARCH-2735] - Deprecate index-time boosting capabilities

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