Release Notes - Hibernate Search - Version 5.8.0.CR1 - HTML format


  • [HSEARCH-2196] - Amazon AWS Elasticsearch Integration Test failures
  • [HSEARCH-2823] - The elasticsearch-aws JAR and its dependencies are missing from the .tar.gz/zip distributions
  • [HSEARCH-2839] - Projecting on a default field whose type was overridden in the bridge fails with Elasticsearch
  • [HSEARCH-2843] - Changing the limit/offset of a query does not clear the cached results


  • [HSEARCH-2801] - QueryDescriptor requires a List<CustomTypeParameter> where a Set or Map would make more sense
  • [HSEARCH-2806] - Remove method
  • [HSEARCH-2816] - Make sure Elasticsearch performance tests apply update/delete works to existing documents and add works to non-existing documents
  • [HSEARCH-2821] - Improve JSON rendering: better StringBuilder usage and logging
  • [HSEARCH-2822] - Automatically activate the JBoss Logging AP when importing project in IDEA
  • [HSEARCH-2827] - Make WorkerTestCase fail if a background error occurs
  • [HSEARCH-2828] - Make WorkerTestCase wait for async works to finish
  • [HSEARCH-2830] - Extend Elasticsearch performance tests for better orchestration testing
  • [HSEARCH-2831] - Clarify how to disable Elasticsearch/AWS digest signature
  • [HSEARCH-2834] - Upgrade Elasticsearch versions to 5.5.1 and 2.4.6
  • [HSEARCH-2838] - Add a maxConnection parameter to Elasticsearch performance tests
  • [HSEARCH-2841] - Clean up the ElasticsearchHSQueryImpl code
  • [HSEARCH-2842] - Verify and document interaction of full-text queries with an ORM filter
  • [HSEARCH-2844] - Remove requirement for CLA
  • [HSEARCH-2845] - Add dependency management entries for the dependencypath plugin and jsonassert
  • [HSEARCH-2846] - Update build to be able to test with Java 9 preview build 9+181


  • [HSEARCH-2640] - Improve resilience of cleanup methods (close, etc.)
  • [HSEARCH-2764] - Improve orchestration of Elasticsearch works
  • [HSEARCH-2818] - Optimise encoding of GSON elements into HTTP client buffers
  • [HSEARCH-2833] - Avoid confusing variable uses (bad naming, no declaration) in the documentation
  • [HSEARCH-2837] - Clarify errors when interrupted during submission of work to the ES client
  • [HSEARCH-2840] - Allow Elasticsearch projection on field bridges making use of dynamic object fields

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